The latest news update on the court case with the CEO of SafeMoon John Karony.

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17 gedachten over “SafeMoon CEO – DISCOVERY”

  1. Great!! I've been waiting for the Court, Discovery Orders!!

  2. Great!! I've been waiting for the Court, Discovery Orders!! ……

    Ok!! Listened to this!! This isn't Discovery of anything. But just merely the Govt laying out. Laying out the road map. As to what the process is going to be!!

    Ok..!! BUT…what is VERY CRITICAL in all of this. Is the Govt discussing…"PRIVLEDGED INFORMATION."

    This is HUGE!! Because informarion from other 3rd Parties that are not part of this case…like other businesses. Can be requested that the information be ….PRIVILEGED INFORMATION.

    OK….see my next post below!!


  3. They have not diving into the case yet. Even that latest hack will come to light. He is a thief, and thought that crypto lives no trail. No more. The FBI has resources and time. They can drag this for years if they have to

  4. Ok….read my messages below….rhis us a continuation of those comments. And this is…HUGE!!

    (And to note….I am a Wash. DC Attorney).

    Ok…in the US Attorneys Court Filing Atlas read. That's merely a standard road map. Of how the Court Case will. So that the Court, and both parties. Can all agree, to how the case proceed!! Ok…!!! However….

    In that Court Filing. The US Attoeneys clearly spent ALOT of time. Laying out how 'PRIVLEGED INFORMATION. " Will be handled.

    Ok…PRIVLEGED INFORMATION…is sensitive information. Usually, that 3rd parties have…like other business companies. Which would be like. SafeMoon business partner companie private information…like marketing plans…unique technology…unique computer coding…etc!! That if that information got out. Business competitors could steal that information. And bankrupt the companies.

    Ok!! And part of the Securuties and Exchange complaint about SafeMoon. Is that SafeMoon had been hyping. That "We're going to the Moon."

    But most all people think. That SafeMoon means be that. Is that we're all going to be $millionaires."

    Well….SafeMoon can not make that claim. Its illegal. Because it's all just hype about your investment will go to the moon…to make your coin holder bags, Millionaires!! That statement is legal fraud!!

    UNLESS….you REALLY ARE…GOING TO THE MOON!! And Karony madeca statement with a pic. Of a SafeMoon Satellite. Orbiting the moon. To run advertisements from the moon. Using cryptos. To display on YouTube and the SafeMoon Billboard in Times Square.

    And how SafeMoon will be involved in a mesh-netwrork, of satellite cellphone coverage around the world…world de-fi finacials…medicine…environmental and energy issues…etc…etc!!

    Well all those comments of making hype-dream statements. That is illegal fraud. In violation of the SEC!!! UNLESS…YOU'RE REALLY GOING TO DO THIS!!! AND…You've got documents to support those claims!!

    Ok…!! BUT….SafeMoon isntvreally building all of this!! ITS SAFEMOON PARTNER COMPANIES…that is building all of this!! And the company putting all of these several hundred companies together is…UNIZEN!!

    AND…that advertuzing satellite at the moon. That Karony mentioned!! Is that REAL??? Yes, it is!! Go look it up!!!

    Who is building that Satellite?? UNIZEN and Geometeric Energy!! And remember..

    Back in Nov & Dec, 2921. Karony and his brother told us. That all they've been doing for weeks. Meeting with Attorneys and several 100, of other startup companies like SafeMoon. Signing partnership agreements and NDA's…Nondisclosure Agreements. Which…once they're all woven together. They will create the WEB3 Operating System. The WEB3 ALLIANCE of companies. Ro make the Web3 plug and play internet system. That is financed by…and runs on…cryptos.

    Just as SafeMoon has said…"Making the web3 for everyone."

    Ok…and this is only a tiny nugget of what's going on!! However…back to the Court.

    SafeMoon is not building anything. SafeMoon will merely be the face company. Of the Web3 Alliance!!

    Ok..!! Soo…for SafeMoon to validate for the Govt. That they truly are part actually going to the moon…and building out all of what tgecWeb3 will be!!

    SafwMoon will need peivleged information. From its partner companies. Documents to actually verify. That SafeMoon is actually part of GOING TO THE MOON!! And that it's not just illegal hype…about give us your money. And will make tiu all $millionaires!!

    Ok!! Sooo….this DOJ Court filing. Laying out and assuring the Court. And SafeMoon….that the DOJ. Will handle documents from SafeMoon's partners. With PRIVLEGED STATUS!!

    Sooo!! This is excellent. As all this privileged document talk. Demonstrates that SafeMoon is part of something….HUGE!!

    AND YES…!!

    That advertising satellite ro rhe moon. Should be launching soon!! And who's trucking utvto the moon?? ELON-SpaceX!!

    It was supposed to be launched over a year ago. But SpaceX delayed it!! Hence….that's whyvSafeMoon's product releases, were delayed too!!

    Anyway…go see DarkMoon Tim's video on this. In December, 2021. I sent Tim the information. Rhat became our collaboration. Of stuff hecwas also getting a handle on!!

    No…Karony and stolen liquidity…houses and cars…etc!! That's a different issue!! Doesn't look good. But Karony was way over his head on this stuff!

    Like his whole crap. About pineapple and pizza. Oh!! And the picture SafeMoon clue. Of white Rabbits, Geisha, the moon…Japan..and Star Cobstellations?? Remember??

    Well…the White Japanese childhood stories. Of the lucky rabbit in the moon. And that rabbit is the logo. For a Japanese company… marketing their Satellite they were launching to the moon. Just like SafeMoon was talking about, for their Satellite involvement. And the star constellations…they weren't really stars. Those were Starlink Satellite Constellations…which is what SpaceX calls them. By the way…

    That Japanese company launched their White Rabbit Satellite to the moon. To create advertisements from the moon. But there was a computer coding mistake. That caused that satellite to crash on the moon. That White Rabbit Company….is currently building that satellite again!!



  5. No clue what it means LOL but I hope its a good outcome!

  6. This is just a request for any documents the defense may be intending to use at trial. It’s also an opportunity for the prosecution to disclose the evidence they have against Karony. It does not in any way indicate the prosecution’s lack of a case. This is standard procedure between counsels for trial preparation.

  7. Typical Safemoon stuff, nothing burgers at every turn! Never will change with these guys. They clearly stole money from everyone and repeatedly lied. They deserve to pay huge fines and be locked away, but difficult charges to give that big of a sentence to.

  8. Education the SFB Army should love.. Watch My Cousin Vinny, to learn about discovery.

  9. Best case scenario John does time and someone with integrity takes SM to the moon

  10. Mexc recently kicking off us users sadly but you can use a vpn

  11. Karone is a garbage human. I hope he rots in jail forever. Scammers. Project gambia 😂

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