SafeMoon Card Signup Waiting Room – You Ready? SAFEMOON NEWS TODAY!

laatste update: 05-2022

SafeMoon Card Signup Waiting Room – You Ready? SAFEMOON NEWS TODAY!

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7 gedachten over “SafeMoon Card Signup Waiting Room – You Ready? SAFEMOON NEWS TODAY!”

  1. All this are ok, I think wat will benefit is having its own blockchain and exchange.tat way we can really maximise utility and credibility for the user.I really hope for it to be out asap but of cause quality over quantity of product is impt

  2. Glad to see you well and producing content again!

    My poll
    concerning personal ownership
    physical wind turbines
    with the SafeMoon
    logo on them
    is now live on

    Everybody go vote!

    Please understand
    that this poll
    concerns novelty items
    and is purely
    Hypothetical in nature.

    I am doing
    this simply to
    gauge the mood
    and enthusiasm
    of the community…..

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