SafeMoon Card Is HERE

SafeMoon has officially announced that the SafeMoon Card is here available as a virtual card to start with and for those in the UK.

Card Signup:

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30 gedachten over “SafeMoon Card Is HERE”

  1. A big step forward! Would love to see other crypto get added to the list soon even though I'm not in the UK. lol

  2. After watching so many crypto investment videos on YouTube, I started trading on crypto currency with $1000 and now I making $9,450 profits every 11days👍❤❤

  3. The audio is a little tinny. Not much bass to it so it is constantly peaking

  4. Mrs Renatha have been the key to my successful trading life and couple of my friends who also trade with her. I make about $23k every month by only trading the crypto Market.

  5. I mean too…per my post above. As For SafeMoon not being on this prepaid card….SafeMoon is a crypto….while those other coins listed on that virtual card….are basically all lumped together like as…. STABLE COINS!! Ok…

    Sooo…Crypto laws are still being developed. While stable type coins are already accepted by governments. Which is why they can't list SafeMoon on that virtual card with other coins, that are like Stable Coins….because SAFEMOON is still only a token, yet!!!

    Soo…this was good, as we're getting theres…but its no big deal!!


  6. I think they’ll only do coins. Safemoon is still a token. They’re likely waiting for the blockchain. It’s like the bridge or swap or wallet. They released the base product with additions to be made to it. They’ll add more stuff and make the user experience better as time goes by. We can expect more chains to be added to the bridge, they also made cheaper fees on the bridge with the latest update. They’re still adding to the swap with the dapp browsers and new partners. I’m sure they’ll add more coins to the card and possibly make transactions faster, add locations to use the card, and update fee structures as time goes by. The only thing I don’t expect to be like that is the blockchain. Everything else will be the structure and extras will be added over time.

  7. Notice, no BUSD or BNB available for use. Nor any other BSC tokens. I think the SFM token isn’t available because of Binance’s regulatory issues. SFM might not be available until it becomes a coin on its own blockchain. Which leads me to believe that the SFM blockchain is really close. Perhaps even closer than the exchange. Only time will tell though. 🤞🏾

  8. Bro quick question

    Does Safemoon pay you for these videos?

  9. 🚀🌙✨Go Safemoon, more good things to come!🚀🌙✨💵💵

  10. My bank (in New Zealand) has just swapped from Visa to Mastercard. I much prefer Mastercard over the Visa Card I had.

  11. yol bro u have my respekt to by so Loyal to Safemoon

  12. Does safemoon still exist? Come on, stop talking about this shitcoin. Nobody cares anymore.

  13. So, when I lived overseas, everywhere accepted Mastercard and Visa. I also traveled a lot throughout Europe and they all accepted both. So I don't think it matters between Visa and MC. It's American Express and Discover you have to worry about overseas. haha.

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