SafeMoon Card – How CLOSE Is It?

People are taking notice that we are around the 1 year mark for the SafeMoon card launch as well as subtle changes in the SafeMoon Lowdown updates. Is the SafeMoon card nearly here?

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11 gedachten over “SafeMoon Card – How CLOSE Is It?”

  1. With all the uncertain possible legal chances I don't mind if they take their time to get it right.

  2. With the collapse of TeraLuna and FTX, it blows my mind how many SFM holders, over half of which hold less than $100 worth of SFM are so impatient. If they rush things like Cyberpunk got rushed and pushed out it will do little to no good

  3. Everything will be fine card will eventually come out. Let's keep it moving.

  4. I think the blockchain will come before the card, both are very closed. The card running on Safemoon blockchain will burn lots of Safemoon coin. Serious work is going on with the blockchain, off course, lots of testing also. The blockchain will surprise many.

  5. Time to buy more Safemoon as price is very low .Buy Buy Buy and watch it fly 💸💸💸💸

  6. SEC is the primary reason it’s not released. I’m just not sure what the whole strategy is. If they’re waiting on regulation like I think then the card and exchange will be a while.. I see the NFT market place releasing this month possibly. Blockchain later this year, exchange and card when regulation is in place. Whenever that will be..

  7. Why launch in Europe first? Why is John prioritizing a European release? I understand crypto is global, but this project began in the USA and headquarters are in Utah. We aren't on any exchanges (2 years now), releases have been slow to none.

  8. √√Since I started trading,I make $16,450 every 11 days with $4,000.>>>>

  9. The only thing that will bring substantial volume is the exchange.

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