SafeMoon Blockchain UPDATE

The latest update progress on the SafeMoon Blockchain.

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30 gedachten over “SafeMoon Blockchain UPDATE”

  1. Do you think SafeMoon will release the blockchain before the end of 2023?

  2. What is the best way to make more profitable investment in market now without incurring much losses

  3. The agressive ones will take advantage of the price differential between chains via arbitration I assume. Should help lift the spirit. #safemoon

  4. Floki, baby doge, and pepe coin is being listed on binance. What does it mean, safemoon is very behind. Up to now the F glotox is not implemented in mandala exchange. 0 volume a day

  5. 🚀🌙✨Go Safemoon, 2023 is our year! Loving the current price. Loading up . 🚀🌙✨

  6. Your videos always make me feel like I'm not alone, thank you for that.

  7. Why not just do it rather than always just talking about it? By the time they ever get anything ready for launch it ends up being obsolete. This space moves lightning fast. I don’t think John realizes this yet. Just step down and give the holders a chance!

  8. I'm not selling but I'm also no longer buying. Riding until the end, moon or crash. Feeling more and more like a crash everyday.

  9. You held onto this one way too long partner. I did find out about artyfact from your channel, well I only saw it in the thumbnail. Thanks for that. But damn, you pushed this safemoon garbage way too long.. could have maybe saved some people if you backed out. Oh well, it's done.Onto new ventures right boss. Happy I ditched that caca long ago. Good luck.

  10. Nothing happened. People selling big amounts doesnt count for me. I will use this price for a dca, smaller steps with larger impact #safemoon If they deliver it will pay out, if not: I can cope with a loss of couple hundred 🙂 #safemoon

  11. No blockchain, ever. When you bricks going to snap out of your delusions

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