SafeMoon ANNOUNCES Centralized Exchange TIMELINE

SafeMoon announces their EU centralized exchange is planned for winter of 2023.

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30 gedachten over “SafeMoon ANNOUNCES Centralized Exchange TIMELINE”

  1. Only for EU can use that platform ? does it have a leverage trades ?

  2. 🚀🌙✨Go Safemoon! Great news to get Safemoon in a strong tactical position for the best of both worlds. We get it listed on many new exchanges and can set new specific tokenomics for the Safemoon exchange once it’s released. 🚀🌙✨

  3. Bullshit. Guaranteed to have "delays" right before December. Excuses like Regulations or Economic/Political climate

  4. Just so you are all aware. An E license is obtained to form a bank. The money in that bank cannot be invested and no interest can be made by those with the money in the bank. This has nothing to do with Safemoon. Because if it did, Karoney would be put in jail!

  5. This is off topic
    Has anyone had issues with the safemoon wallet after updating to v3. 41?
    I've get nothing but a blank screen since I updated the app.

  6. That is what I was asking you about…..steps that never came through.

  7. lol…who gives a fuck when there are so many other cex to use….why bro….why?

  8. Another excellent video. Nice to see it’s getting closer, been waiting 2 years.

  9. Bro you are a soilder. How are you still holding g on for safemoon. No way.

  10. Here's what I don't get… How do we benefit? The tokenomics are all but gone with this new 1% tax.

  11. I feel so bad for people left in safemoon. JK comes up with a few words and a picture to keep non investors happy for the foreseeable.🤦‍♂️🤡🤡

  12. News flash. There will be no Exchange, no Blockchain and no millionaires. This is just another carrot on a stick leading any hungry jackazz that sees it.

  13. Nothing will happen only looking for new full ppl sorry investors

  14. on YouTube search bar type in "Safemoon jonas confirms john stole liquidity from safemoon holders" This confirms (again) the Devil & Gabe Wallets are John Karony's (Moondog token in wallet) and how he siphon from the customer liquidity pool, it's fact it's blockchain, can't hide it.

  15. We been here a long time Atlas. Me, you, quite a few more. Things will or won't pan out, but at least we'll be here to see it through

  16. Nice video yet again mate , thank you. What software do you use to edit your vids??

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