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In this video we discuss about Safemoon and the latest updates! With a spice of ta

Safemoon’s Wallet


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30 gedachten over “SAFEMOON AND CRYPTO – WHAT THE 99.9% DON’T KNOW!”

  1. This vid is exactly what my mindset been the entire time. Crypto is what I believe is a way to level the playing field and shorten the wealth gap between us- the retail investors, and the elite. I believe when XRP wins its case against the SEC, it will set a precedence. They can't bully or pick and choose who they want go after anymore… Also by the way, to hell with crooked Pelosi, Schumer, Graham, Manchin, Sinema. Last but not least 🖕🖕 Moscow Mitch. 2 thumbs up JWK.

  2. Jep.. The issue is that first of all the dollar is not attached anymore to gold. Aside that since 2015 about 75% of the dollar and the euro bills have been printed. That causes an enormous devaluation of our fiat currencies. Inflation rises, people can't pay bills, and a new system needs to be created.
    The problem is that the 0,1% has so much money that they can basically buy in anywhere. Second is that they like contol. So if you have a digital dollar or euro.. they can create requirements for you to meet to have acces to your digital money. They make you depending on them. Same with the farmers here. Farmers are completely self sufficiënt. They can grow vegetables, fruit, have chickens or cows, so basically they can do anything themselfs. And that is a problem.
    So on one side, regulation might be allright because of all the crap scam coins, and on the other hand it might be pretty bad as they are allowed to set the terms and conditions.
    Freedom of the unbanked is the motto of Safemoon. If that really happens it would be a victory for mankind. It will be a bumpy ride tough… Fit your rally tires!

  3. I think once the SEC AND RIPPLE lawsuit is over I think there will be a big lawsuit coming to ETH for all the shady stuff SEC AND ETH have been working together on.

  4. It's the products that's going to make SFM explode. The products WILL come, it's a matter of being patient. Until then, let the FUD continue along with the low SFM price. With that said, load your bags! Once SFM explodes, it will be too expensive to accumulate. TO THE MOON BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. No…..!!!

    If government doesn't step in to regulate crypto. Cryptos will stay a scam area. Like all the rug pools that are happening that you speak of!!!

    In which the rug pools arent illegal…because….Rug Pulls Are Not Against The Law!! BECAUSE….cryptos have no laws regulating them!!

    This is exactly why. SafeMoon got an insurance policy. That if someone SFMooner Tam member does a rug pull….it would now be Insurance Fraud!! And being insurance fraud….there would now be legal grounds. To arrest and convict the rug puller!!

    Quite to the contrary!! We absolutely NEED crypto regulation, from the government. Because if we dont…and all this scam crap crypto rug pulls keeps occurring. GOVERNMENTS…will pass laws. To ban all cryptos!!!

    I mean….this is why all these crypto youtubers. Get all the crypto sc somers in your comment sections. Trying to scam people, out of their cryptos. There's a huge amount of scammers and rug pulls 8n cryptos. Furthermore….there are 1,000s of crypto coins out there. 95% of them will fail!! They need to be regulated.

    Because without regulations….none of the big money, like from pension and insurance funds. Will invest in cryptos….because they are unregulated…unsafe. This is exactly why Bitcoin and all cryptos are stagnated. And merely treading water!!!

    Because these are not Crypto currencies yet. To be a currency….government must approve it to be legal tender. Because right now….if someone gets scammed out of their cryptos. There's little to legal recourse. To have the police arrest someone. To recover your cryptos….because it's not money!!

    As all these cryptos are only….COMPUTER SOFTWARE!!

    Listen to Mr. Wonderful's Crypto talk at the last Miami Crypto Conference. As O'learhy exactly stated…..when Cryptos laws ate created, to protect crypto investors. The financial vaults will pour forth $trillions….into cryptos!!!

    But until then….big money won't touch it!! As there are no legal protections. And sure…..a lot of companies are developing systems to incorporate cryptos into their company.

    But until legal systems develop crypto regulatory protections to make crypto a currency. Cryptos are merely software programs. And at the Miami Conference….a US Senator announced here bill….to start regulating ro be a currency.

    I mean read about Dubai. Evidently the Dubai Government is formulating laws to regulate crypros, to be a currency.

    Damerhing in El Salvadore….the government created laws, to make Bitcoin, to be a currency!!!

    So no….we absolutely must have Crypto Laws!! Otherwise… will always be a wild west show, of scammers. Preying on the good citizens.

    Check your comments section JWK!! How many times are scammers sitting claiming they're you!!! The crypto scam sharks waiting to feed on the unsuspecting!!

    Even now…the scammers are going to reply to this comment….claiming they're…JWK!!

  6. Didn't safemoon just do a scam? I keep reading it. I also keep seeing big investors and other youtubers no longer doing safemoon videos

  7. Why did u cut it b4 she said that is our job is to tell the ppl what to think. Biden supporter? Still?

  8. I don't think the sec will be able to attack safemoon with any success. That's why they are taking so much time with regulatory compliance. They have deep connections with the CIA so I'm sure they have access to all the necessary "routs" to compliance so they don't do something wrong… unintentionally… and end up having a problem later. That's why I'm not having any issues with time… the more people cry and fud over these important things… the more the price drops. Which means more for my money when I buy more.

  9. Nailed it! great content jwk, also why biden's DOJ announces criminal investigation of Elon musk hours after he declares war on censorship.

  10. hahaha John knew about all Ben Philip transactions and yet has not warned the sfm army about it till this day. way to go Mr.Pinneapple Pizza

  11. I will forever be grateful atful to you 🙏🏻 you've changed my life I'll continue to preach about your name for the world to hear you've saved me from a huge financial debt with just little investment. Daisy Jackson is the best broker

  12. even if the SEC attack Safemoon. our CEO and Connections on Connections. CIA funded Facebook, CIA will be behind the One World Order Money aka Crypto…maybe not SFM. its just the Dots havent showen themselves. If the UN ever backed a crypto, you best believe ill sell a testicular for that coin.
    Was it George or Abraham that said "if you want to hide something, hide it in plain sight?"
    I really hope there is not a false flag 8omb1ng in NYC tomorrow 18 APRIL 22.

  13. It's because they keep giving money to regular people that keep putting their money into Amazon then they bitch that the owner of Amazon is too rich give me a break wealth or poverty is up to you

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