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In this video we discuss about Safemoon and the latest updates! With a spice of ta


Safemoon’s Wallet


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24 gedachten over “SAFEMOON – 689,000! THIS IS BAD! PRICE COULD START TO GO DOWN!”

  1. Is hilarious how fast sentiment changes from day to day you guys are not meant for long term investing. Just wait Jesus

  2. I don’t like this “The world is going to end” every time the price dips….it’s a emotional roller coaster for no reason!

  3. All these people talking all that shit sell your 5,000 Safemoon and stop complaining like little as bitches if you can’t handle dips crypto is not for you not even the stock market put it in a 401k or leave it in a bank we’re it’s just going to keep dipping from you spending it 🤣 shit even a 401k dips 🤡

  4. Price goes down I have time to accumulate some more all I care about is volume let’s goooooo!!!!! SAFEMOON TO THE MOOOOOOON!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Bro price analysis on crypto is a joke. If someone buys price goes up if someone sells price goes down. There is literally nothing else to it. Nobody Can predict using lines candles etc on crypto prices. U can only attenpt to guess when people sell or buy.

  6. Expect a downward in all crypto and especially the stock market because it’s not over yet! My opinion of course 🤓

  7. A low price for safemoon is not a bad thing. volume is more important than price. we need to concentrate on volume, getting the supply down much lower. then the price will rocket. lower the price the quicker we get the total supply down.

  8. Price goes down means volume and people eat the dip which is more volume. As long as we have volume, we have a token.

  9. Oh yeah discountef Safemoon!!! Am I the only one whos glad the price is down? My bag is getting huge!!

  10. Click bait loser. I am going to keep reporting your videos until you stop the pathetic attempts to get views. Get some self respect.

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