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In this video we discuss about Safemoon and the latest updates! With a spice of ta

Safemoon’s Wallet


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  1. Nice job JWK, there's no point selling at this price anyway but this video makes me feel a little better about holding cheers

  2. This is a good test for Safemoon. I would like to see how Safemoon handle this level of adversity… if they survive this and rebound substantial I’m going all in!!! Not financial advice

  3. 1 millions people follow this man and he is not able to justify a simple math thing with the solution exposed to him ? It's pretty clear that HE wanna expose safemoon … MAKE A LOT OF FUD For a night … BOUGHT A BIG BUCH at a price never ANYONE expect it to drop … and now have a SUPER Big bag of safemoon for the big run ! IT'S obvious!

  4. 😊I am so happy my financial life has totally changed ever since I ventured into stock investment. I've been earning over $18,000 dollars every single week.

  5. 6m is still a high estimate. More likely it is between 2-5 million depending on your source. Coffezilla source is biased so went with high estimate.

  6. JWK I just want to point something out. Coffeezilla stated that he worked for 1 year, but had all sorts of inaccuracies and false numbers. Do you know how long most PhD candidates work on their dissertation? About 1 year and usually they get granted a PhD and are hence forth considered experts in their field. Do you see the difference? Of course you do. What coffeezilla did was the equivalent of walking into a nursing home, and whispering, “in my opinion this place is on”, then yelling “fire”. That is illegal. There is freedom of speech, but there is also responsibility of said speech. I would bet that because there was “cause” aka clear market manipulation, it is likely that John Karony could have a legal case against coffeezilla, but I am not a lawyer, that is literally my opinion. Anyway thank you for all you do!

  7. Second comment. Wait, you asked to speak with them, but they declined. But then they debate crypto control and safemoon Joe? Hmm. Dishonest people cherry pick. People who are diligent pull all the information, and sometimes prove themselves wrong. Theee day old moldy diarrhea coffeezilla seems like he is agenda focused and is spinning a tangled narrative for his own gains. What a piece of work.

  8. Love how Safemoon held up from the Crappy Zilla's lies and FALSE INFORMATIONS and the price even went back up. Lets go SAFEMOON ARMY!

  9. Safemoon keeps dealing with adversity. Once the utility hits, and the big boys pop up, it'll be too late for the paper hands and fudders. Quit screwing around. If you catch a great dip, and get a bag you're content with, just sit on it. If you think it's donkey shit, get out and move on. I've thought about adding, but I'm also content.
    What'll end up happening, is eventually the big boys will get in once the utility arrives, and a couple big buys will fomo pump the price where you'll miss out. Get it now if you believe, or get the f out if you don't. Simple.

  10. His maths is way off and he did it completely wrong. There is a new video out showing that on Twitter I suggest you go look.

  11. We have a saying that stones and sticks are thrown only at fruit-bearing trees. Tell me another crypto that comes close to what SFM has done so far in that little amount of time? A pioneer of a hyper-deflationary coin, introduced tokenomics, produced a secured wallet, and whole lot of promising projects in the pipeline. I would rather bet in this vision than listen to a cheap utuber who does not even know how to research properly. Why does people like CoffeeStinkslla targets SFM? Because SFM obviously has a large following and he just want to make noise and introduce his name. Probably some or most of you know him before, but people like me who are not really a Utube rat honestly never heard of his name before. Well he obviously he got a portion of what he wanted.. he is well-known now to SFM army… for all the wrong reasons.

  12. your guy got a reply and doing some "counter" arguments for more than 6 hours now lmao. 15 min you say..

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