RX 6700 XT Hashrate | Ethereum and Ravencoin Mining

rx 6700 xt:

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  1. Tutorial ! tutorial ! tutorial !! yeahh !!! I have now s 6900XT and 6700XT I wonder if I can set them on the same PC (ryxen 9 , mbo X570 Gaming Carbon WiFI) .. help ?

  2. in my country the RX 6700 XT is cheaper than the 5700XT .. it's crazy..

  3. I would be interested in a mpt video for the 6700 xt. Especially since I have the gaming x model as well. I appreciate the information in this video!

  4. min 11:00: "offcourse, they were unsuccesful with the 3060, but that tells you what direction the manufacterers are going in"
    – does this include the 3060TI??

  5. I hate that this card doesn't have linux drivers to run on HiveOS. I had to build an entirely separate Windows build to mine with this thing. You get a way better hashrate for your money with 5700XT's and 5600XT's. The hashrate comparison after overclocks is only within 6-8 Mh/s. And only about 200-300 dollars cheaper than a 5700XT.
    In short, don't buy this card if you're not a beginner to mining.

  6. What do you do when you got an msi card that won't recognize the memory in hive os?

  7. Hey son, did you make the music intro? It feels really Dr disrespecty. I like it haha

  8. I think amd and Nvidia crashed lots of gpu s. I was minnig on one rx590 powercolor they suck i know but 32mh was not bad msi underclocked for the price and added 2yr warranty lmao 😆 🤣 upgraded to the amd6700 xt sapphire ok so thats going to the gaming pc pulling my 2yr old msi 3060 out of that to mine 😉 😜 wish everyone a bitcoin 😉 😜

  9. Just added a 6700xt to the farm. Can't wait to unlock more efficiency with mpt.

  10. I know this is an old thread but for all those still viewing this video I managed 47mh/s @83w using the MorePowerTool (Min Volt GFX 650mv & Min Power Limit 30%). Then some further tweaks in the AMD software (Max Freq 1200, Volt 1150, VRAM 2150 and Power Limit -25%). This proved to be the sweet spot for me using Radeon RX 6700 XT GAMING X 12G.

  11. 5600xt less cost and less hash around 5

  12. I was a newbie and got a bunch of 6700. Later to find out 5700 was better.

  13. Definitely would love to see a tutorial for over clocking the 6700xt

  14. Hi any idea i have 6700 xt and the team red miner gives me failed to list open CL devices on platform 2 on kaw pow. But i can mine eth without any problem

  15. Hello great man , do you know how to oc rxt 4000 quadro ? Pls

  16. Would love to see a video on the more power tool for the 6700. Got mine to a stable 23.9MH/s 🙂

  17. I bet 6700 will not have higher rvn hashrate due to its lower (192 vs 256) bit bus edit: vs 5700

  18. Noob miner here. I ended up getting one of these cards and was wondering if there is a way to use MSi Afterburner to adjust settings ? Whenever I try to adjust settings they just go back to factory automatically. Also thanks for all your great content!

  19. Can you do A video with these cards on dual mining both of ETH and Ravencoin please

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