RTX 3070 Ethereum Hashrate and Overclock

laatste update: 08-2022

RTX 3070:

Test Bench:
Gskill Neo:
Asrock B550 Taichi:
EVGA Supernova 850 G3:
Sabrent Rocket:





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  1. I have almost the same exact card (xc3 ultra), 53% power, core locked to 1200mhz, and +1400mhz, getting 64.05Mh/S @122W, 53 degrees c. Do have the occasional bad share but it is only at about 0.2%. (using t-rexminer)

  2. I’ve put my RTX 3070 to mine Ethereum with TRex miner, after 24hours of mining nothing showing in my wallet. Is that normal? How much time is needed to see some values in my wallet? Thanks in advance

  3. i have around 62.4 mhs with 115 watts and -200 core, 1350 memory on all of my 3070's and around 99.8% efficiency

  4. im using my 3070 in very safe and efficient way. 54,5 mh/s at 100W. Im using 45% Power Limit, -502 mhz to core, core voltage locked to 725mv, +200mhz to memory and fan speed at 1000rpm/53%. Very cool and quiet without degrading memory or ruining fans. I know that i could get 11% more mh/s if i pushed my memory but i just want to make back 150 usd that i overpayed over msrp for my gpu and i don't wan't to ruin it or tear it much more than needed. Just remember to use igpu or unplug your video cable from your card when you don't use your pc. You will get slighly higher mh rate and it will be much more consistent

  5. 55pl -502 core 1100 memory 70% fan 60 mh. 41-42 degrees. It’s super good and the card is not gonna be ruined. Card zotag holo amp 3070

  6. i get around 62-63mh/s with the 3070 with the oc being being -500 clock 1400+ mem and 53 power Limit seems to be stable drawing around 127w

  7. I'm using everything different on my rtx 3070 gigabyte vision oc: -400 core clock/ +800 memory boost / power limit 37% / fan speed 50~57% >>> Results are 58mh/s with 109W and 490~500kH/J efficiency

  8. I'm trying for the Rtx 3070;
    Core Clock: -502
    Memory Clock: +1550 or 8350 MHz
    Power limit: 55% or 120.3 watts
    Fans 75%

    = 62.5 mh/s
    Efficiency= .518 mh/s/W

  9. Hi thanks for this video , what If I increase the fan speed to get a lower temperature , is it a good deal to optimize the gpu lifetime ? Noise doesn’t disturb me !

  10. Evga 3070 ftw3
    63.6 mhs/134w at 54c
    I have two of them and they are both doing the same thing
    Trex miner

  11. Hey All,, I first used Palit software and simply added + Mhz to core and VRAM, core was hitting 2075Mhz at gaming and voltage around 1.1V, was it safe ??

    What you would recommend me? I have new Palit 3070 Gaming Pro, now switched from Palit software to affer burner.

  12. hey there. i'm at 67mhs, core at 1125, mems at 1720 in a 3070 inside a Gigabyte Laptop at 112W. Inner fans at 40%, temps 63 core 70 mems. Running on a base with 1 12cm cooler. I love it.

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