RobTop Being a SAVAGE for 17 Minutes

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30 gedachten over “RobTop Being a SAVAGE for 17 Minutes”

  1. Fire in the hole memers are comparable to a Skibidi Toilet kids only fandom.
    Mediocrity makes them laugh.

  2. 0:18 No, people are just lying. Get a spice tolerance, people. You don’t get food poisoning from Taco Bell where I’m at.

  3. β€œJust delete the level” Actually, you can’t delete a rated level. RobTop has to do this himself, and it has to be for a good reason, like maybe drama in a collab and the uploader wants to hand it over to someone else, for example.

  4. Wendy’s vs RobTop: The Ultimate Roast Battle

    I would pay to see this

  5. 1:55 downloaded the game 3 days ago. Bro I beat it + all 3 coins. It aint that hard really

  6. As a young person who plays that game, I laughed soo hard.

  7. sikky no offense but the frequent memes are really annoying

  8. 0:19 only real if your lactose intolerant or have a weak stomach. I love taco and it’s never caused me problems

    Tho I only eat soft beef cheese lettuce tacos and I eat 6 of them in 1 sitting.

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