Ripple/XRP News: You Simply Have NOT Done The Research

Ripple/XRP News: You Simply Have NOT Done The Research

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Please always do your own research and do not rely on a single source of information for news (including myself). Question everything and make your own decisions. I appreciate you all and hope I help teach you a few things & keep you up to date with the Crypto Space!
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  1. The central banks own and control The Fiat currency which is the dollar all we’re doing Is switching the Fiat dollar to a digital dollar backed by the same the same global satanic Elite by bitcoin !!

  2. The old guard were scared of digital currencies so they tried to hang onto control and therefore Ripple was created. The old school system is intent on consuming itself instead of relinquishing power. They now are in the process of learning from Ripple and waiting to try again to keep control but in fact they will eat themselves again unfortunately. Ripple is keeping one foot on either side of the fence. Not truly decentralized even after all this time.Changing things on the back end to manipulated the price in order to safeguard the price. Even at triple figures I am only breaking even. The momentum of the the old guard will take XRP with them to oblivion . I have lost a lot of money after buying the hype of Ripple and so has my family. It feels like the Ripple bridge economy is being surpassed by the new financial vehicles that are autonomous flying machines that have no need for bridges. Good luck Everybody and thank you for all the time and energy Kevin but I am out

  3. Been out of the XRP news for away for a while, but the only YouTuber I’d listen to is you

  4. All of this means absolute nothing because XRP will just follow bitcoin's ups and downs. To make things worse, XRP growth lags behind and under performs vs. other cryptos when BTC is pumped, and on the flip side it dumps down harder than others, so XRP losing out on both fronts.
    Other coins have gained since the December 2018 dumps while XRP just continues to drop lower and lower, while we continue to kid ourselves that it is just going down to re-test prior lows, and grinding to gain $0.01 takes weeks and it can't even hold 1cent gains… pathetic

    Be careful about taking advice from asshats like this guy with 0 credentials except mashing up screenshots for a weekly youtube video begging for subs.

  5. Silver is also getting more rare…'s been suppressed for decades. Silver is being used up in industry daily, while gold is just being hoarded or used
    in jewelry.

  6. I've heard that "Digital Currency" is the new term for cyrpto assets because the word "Crypto" has a negative connotation connected with it (mostly with the ignorant on the topic)….kind of like the word "cryptic" does to most people (just saying).

  7. Im skeptical. Remember the exchange glitch a couple of days back when the price showed $9800. If my stop limit was set too that price range, you think it would have been filled😮🤔

  8. Why do you keep talking about blockchains when XRP isn't one ..
    You said they 'distributed it well' .. yes, they did – you will never break those 2 sell walls they have, good luck!
    The only guy rich from XRP is gonna be the guy making this videos .. you're mostly Americans in here and you've been played.
    I called it 2y ago they'll sell the crap out of XRP – even if you push the price to 10$, they'll just sell 100M XRP and you'll be at 0.20$ next bear market.
    Call me when you make it rich from bankers – the very people responsible for all this..

  9. I have a question! If most of exchanges only allowed 50-200k cash exchanges does this mean by the time we try and cash out the xrp has dropped to lows again? So what was the point in backing the coin! This goes for the others also like bitcoin at its highs was there like for 2+ days could we sell all at the high or would we have to wait for the orders to fill up! Anyone know how it works?? Cheers

  10. How do we get around that at a 100$ it puts Jed at 400$Billonaire 250$ and hes a trillionaire richest man on the planet by far. How do we think that's gonna happen? I dunno just that alone makes me feel like 10$ at best. Convince me otherwise folks.

  11. Making profit from bitcoin is as simple as finding what works and sticking to it for as long as it works irrespective of the current market trend which is so sideways right now, the faint hearted may just throw in the towel and probably sell. This of course is a good time for me and its been going on for months now since I heard about Stefan Wolfgang and signed up with his trade program. He provides trade signals and within my first month, I had turned in profit of over 3 btc from a meagre 0.9 btc under his instructions and daily signals. This current price position doesn’t make any difference as anytime is good for trading if you know what to do. Stefan can be reached via  WhatsApp: +16042433148
    Telegram: @ICKliquidity

  12. Hmmm: "finite" 100BB (XRP units)/8BB humans = 12.5 XRP units of value per person. (Yes I know, in actuality, only a very few of the 8BB humans will even have XRP.)
    Still, I wonder how I as a retail purchaser of XRP will physically benefit from my XRP units being forcibly used in the International settlements arena . Hmmm …
    Oh! Is it that I will have to open and operate a a big corporation that does business around the world. Correct? I don't think my 12.5 XRP (arbitrary number, but chosen on purpose) units of value will let me in the door of that playing field though.

    I am clearly lost here. Please be so kind: De-fuddle my conclusions.

  13. did anyone else notice the zillions in *Plosives, please work on this as it killer on the ears @Kevin Cage. Content is spot on and news is solid.

  14. National Bank of Ukraine is running a cbdc test pilot on Stellar utilizing DLT.

  15. You don’t really know what you’re talking about but thanks for positing!

  16. What do u know about research, u just read other peoples info . DAI should charge u for his info.

  17. A good video and I know you had to “interject) but you may as well have just done your own thing it was pointless having the speech from CL it was cut every 4 or 8 seconds it was frustrating to switch to and from so quickly..

  18. So the only sources/research for your videos are twitter posts by random people?

  19. just happy I can get on the boat
    being a poor ass … I will never get rid of mine… I want dividends baby

  20. pray this investment takes down btc. ?? never know …

  21. why cant you let the video play then comment. its like watching a guy channel surf soon as you get to the good parts and not settle on one program

  22. What do people need to do? Is it ever explained in simple terms? So many of these vids about XRP on youtube now. None explain that people need to buy bitcoin or something like that? Just mounds of information about how big it's going to be. I work 12 hour shift so I don't have time to watch these long vids. Anyone out there care to explain the steps needed to do, err, I'm not even sure at this point. Jeez, for all the times I go out my way to help others……

  23. I haven't been conservative or stayed quiet because I'm trying to help other people enjoy in our success. If they don't want to do it, if they want to pass, if they don't believe in it, that's on them. I've done what I can to try to spread the word it's up to everybody to make up their own mind but we all know what we know and we understand what's coming. The crypto market has been speculative to this point, those who focus on the current price movement are just ignoring the utility aspect and I believe that is short-sighted and foolish. Like I said, I've tried to let them into the club, it's on them to decide whether they want to understand the opportunity that is sitting right in front of our faces. XRP baby!

  24. Kevin, crypto rookie-1st time-this information has solidified the specific reason to get into XRP. Thank you

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