Ripple XRP | Everything Is About to CHANGE (Here’s Why)

Today we talk about why everything is about to change. If you hold XRP you probably want to listen close to this.

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  2. In Singapore the banking sectors had already consolidated into 3 large banks some over 10 years ago. The US was slow to do so n is probably doing so now n it could actually be beneficial overall for the financial system. Canada has also consolidated their banking sectors into a few large banks. So there could be nothing coming out of this. The US Govt should announce the regional banks merge into bigger entities or with the larger banks to strengthen their balance sheet so as to restore confidence. They r probably letting the smaller regional banks failed so that the bigger banks can take over their assets at a profit. .Could this be related to cbdc? probably not.

  3. I don't trust you I don't trust banks I don't have a problem As long as what I own is in the most secure Cold storage wallet.

  4. 08:53 there i see the pyramid of power, possibly divided in 2 main parties (banks friends of banks) mirror of the politic theater and ofc big pharma splashing big revenues for all parties but also big food multinationals etc ( when they want to put in the market some not so healty product ) but on very big decisions they are alltogheter like a united family, protect the status

  5. US people how long yua are being tolerate this ARMY OF LIERS in your govermant ???

  6. I live in the UK, and I'm expecting the banking system to fail. That's the only way that governments can force their CBCDs on unwilling participants.
    We all caused this by being lazy and not using cash.

  7. No. When do you know when the government's are lying? As soon as they open their mouths.

  8. You made a sneaky little reference to an Abba song there.

  9. I don’t trust the banks / government, HOWEVER, I DO think they’ll cover our funds. It may be how they convert us all to CBDC. They’ll turn our deposits into their digital currency and we will be forced to comply to get and use our “funds”

  10. Keeping my money out of the bank. I don't trust any banks or any government. If I could tokenise my trust it would be extremely rare and valuable 😂

  11. The people at the fed are lying and should. Be held accountable,other words thrown in prison for life and all there assets seized and returned to the United States treasury ran by Congress!!

  12. At 14:25 that guy is saying that banks from Holland and Belgium are collapsing as well. I am from Holland my self i follow all regional financial and economic news. In Holland and Belgium banks are not collapsing.

  13. I am on your side and can see a huge run up by end of year. If you know CoinsKid he has the same theory. It will catch many off guard.

  14. Mike Maloney from gold silver warned us since 10 years; zetatalk warned us 20 years ago,it's happening now,get out of banks before the mass,which will be freeze

  15. What are you talking about? What DEFI? Can someone please explain to me how DEFI works? Is there financing, based on crypto, that would finance mortgages, any industrial projects, car purchases…?

  16. I TRUST XRP, I believe it will have more value than FIAT.
    Last year, Jammie Diamond said there would be a Liquidity Problem within 2 months, that was last year this time. Time predictions never happen when they're supposed to, with that said, things are heading that way.

  17. Here's an idea…lets stop paying sports players…ie baseball…football…hockey..ect. unbelievably ridiculous salaries and use the saved money to help pay off the United States debt….lets stop elected officials from using the banking industry to help on their re election campaigns and use those savings to help pay off the United States debt…lets stop paying Actors and actresses insane salaries to play pretend or slap Comedians live on stage and use the extra money to pay off the United States debt…lets stop bankers from selling thier stock 2 days before they fold and use that money to help pay off the United States debt….Lets STOP allowing all the lies and actually act on all of the talk.

  18. 17% jpmorgan are the bad actors in all this,who do you think got the sec to fxck over ripple.

  19. Heard bank not using XRP or Xdc heard they don’t need a token..only interoperability QNT .. is that true .. I hold all 3

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