Ripple/XRP-Bitcoin Bubble Bursting,US Last Chance For XRP,Garlinghouse Comments On New SEC Chair

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30 gedachten over “Ripple/XRP-Bitcoin Bubble Bursting,US Last Chance For XRP,Garlinghouse Comments On New SEC Chair”

  1. Hey Brad, thanks for the great info! I'm new to cryptocurrency investing. I invested in a small amount of xrp @ ..27 to .30 usd. via coinbase and was wondering if I should move it over to my Uphold account that I opened today. From what I understand, Uphold will still be trading at least beyond tomorrow 1/19 when coinbase halts. I'm learning a bunch thanks to you. Great channel thanks again!

  2. media bitcoin bubble bursting .. totally agree with your analysis

  3. What if I leave my Xrp up in the Coinbase wallet?

  4. Would it not be possible for the sec to class XRP as a security, ban ripple from selling XRP which would destroy there business plan and then just develop there own global stable coin? After all the ledger is open source. Anyone have any comments on this question

  5. Might be a few things in this video which will need revising very soon. If you get what I mean….

  6. as long as the digital revolution doesn't mean digital fiat money…lol

  7. Picked up my final round of XRP on CB this morning, lock and load!

  8. Biden will not be president

  9. Trump declare martial law

  10. Can you still buy ripple in the Uk after the 19th on coin base?

  11. I always hit the like but it happened during this video @ “going on 8 years of no cable” — say it louder for the people in the back!!!!! Subtracting 200$ a month in a shit service (I have had every service provider all 🗑) is great 👍🏼 subtracting 48462618394 negative media ads absurd commercials trash infomercials NOISE FROM YOUR LIFE AND PEACE… that is the real win!!

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  13. Hello brad my question is that if XRP is seen as a currency every where else what effect would this have on the US economy if every other country is using the superior technology XRP and we fall behind in the 4th industrial Revolution because the US sees XRP as a security.

  14. Could you do a show that focuses solely on what a security is, and why would it matter if XRP were considered a security? Thanks

  15. Are you a fool? What do you mean you don't understand why they would want to harm the full scale use of this token? They do not want the competition. They don't want you here competing against the dollar. And no being designated as security is not a good thing. You would not be able to traded from wallet to wallet. You would have to go through an exchange becauseIt has to be held by an exchange

  16. That clip of him stating it was a security was from several years ago. Even admitted that certain tokens transition from being a central air security to a Decentralized asset over time

  17. Biden is irrelevant… will not be inaugurated… no player

  18. Hi Brad, What i got from the Jeremy hogan video, was that Ripple could continue selling XRP from Esrcow, but only to accredited investors with a heads up to SEC, as if it was a security.

  19. Then why hasn't these exchanges stop trading bitcoin, tether and any other coin that will be effected. Some halted XRP trading the day the lawsuit was announced. "To protect the investors". Get ready XRPelivers. XRP will be the currency that ALL THE WORLD will use. For all of us that stuck by XRP will be rewarded.

  20. Wake up people. There will not be a Biden administration. Watch for a notification on the emergency broadcast system beginning today or tomorrow.

  21. tether lose the lawsuit, market crashes and banks vacuum the market,

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