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  12. With exceptional potential, XRP stands out for its unique technology and prospective institutional adoption, as highlighted in the accompanying video. This has stoked my optimism. The prospect of its value reaching millions per coin, together with the rumored Ripple-Swift partnership, could bring about a sea change in the crypto world. I am closely following its development. Furthermore, my investment journey has been markedly enriched by Allen Jostein's innovative strategies in crypto trading, which have consistently delivered returns six times greater than potential losses in both bullish and bearish markets. Keep a close eye on the advancements of XRP in the rapidly evolving crypto landscape.

  13. Technicals mean nothing when a huge fundamental like a lawsuit is hanging over the price like a dark cloud.

  14. They used ripple to test on! I looked on the ledger,and there was a ticket created! The graph showed a test going on in the last month,for little less than a month!

  15. How do you back nothing (BRICS transaction) with something valuable and physical (Gold, goods, oil) which is limited, and still needs to be tracked and delivered? Who and what bank and or countries are fully in charge and running The BRICS transactions?

  16. Also!!! BRICS supposedly looking at Bitcoin as some sort of cross border currency to settle international payments. 😂

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