Reset, Recover and Verify Seed Phrase and Passphrase on a Ledger Nano S or X (Securely and Safely)

A video which covers some of features of your Ledger Nano that you may not use very often, but that are still good to be familiar with if you want to do things like verify your seed phrase backup. (using the recovery check app) Know what the legit process for restoring a seed phrase looks like (to help you avoid scams) and also for how to safely use a BIP39 passphrase that is assigned to a PIN.


If you are new to Crypto, my suggestion is that you start with buying ~$150 worth of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin @ Coinbase and get familiar with storing it, moving it around, etc.

For your first purcahse, just stick with CoinBase:

For Trading, just start with Binance:

By sticking with large, reputable exchanges for your first purchase (Coinbase) and first trade (Binance) you can avoid getting scammed right at the start by purchasing a non-existing coin off a scammy exchange. (You would be surprised how many people fall into this trap)

Don’t have a hardware wallet?
Be safe and buy them direct from the manufacturer. (Not just through some random on eBay, Amazon, etc)
Get a Ledger:
(If you are just starting out, I would just recommend a Ledger Nano S)

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  1. Anyone tried password reset (when lost) they say it wipes all accounts, how do you add back accounts and assets only on ledger live, not your cold wallet. Anyone know? Cheers – Ledger are useless

  2. HI!, Thanks for explaining this, it is very useful. I have a question, Can I change the recovery phrase of a wallet that I have?, I'm planning to buy another to have a new recovery phrase and transfer my funds for peace of mind (maybe someone could have access to my current recovery phrase) but I would like to make sure first before spending more money on another wallet

    Thanks again 🙂

  3. Have watched several of your Ledger videos. You really know your material well. Quick question: if I have a pin and (upper/lowercase) passphrase on my Trezor model T to access MyEtherWallet, can I duplicate that on my Ledger Nano X and access the same ERC20 assets? If so, when installing the Nano X should I use the attach to PIN passphrase or the Temporary passphrase, or does it matter?

  4. Im having trouble with the last part at the end where something went wrong can you make a video for it?

  5. If someone buys a second hand ledger is there a way to set up a new device with different seed phrase than the original?

  6. If a ledger device says ledger has malfunctioned, is this a suitable solution? Or is it better to get a new ledger and recover from there?

  7. My problem is that one of the words comes only as suggestion and ist only 1 but not the right. What can I do to write the right word?

  8. Need to understand the difference between seedphrase , pass code terminology list of words and definitions

  9. Thanks for your video, it's very helpful. Hope you can help with my question below :
    1. If my seed words have been exposed to scammer, can they access my Ledger wallet without the PIN?

    2. Can I reset my seed words? If so, would it changed my wallet address (I have staked coins using the existing address), if resetting the seed words alter my existing wallet address, then I will lost the funds which is linked to the current address?

    3. Do you have video on how to change the seed words ?

    Appreciate your guidance.

  10. I have a question i got two Nano x . I set the two of them with a pin and 24 word phrase.I have not put any accounts on it. But i mix them up and i do not remember which one is with one. Can i erase both and start again?. An d if can be done please let me know. Thanks

  11. months ago i could run recovery check, nano s. now it says 3rd party wallet needed. i had to remove because of space. you say i can remove an app and reinstall – makes sense to me but the recovery check now says a 3rd part wallet needed. is that because im out of space or a new requirement

  12. Hello, i want to buy Ledger nano S from online shop in my country but i dont trust the seller. Is it safe if i buy it?

  13. Can I restore it manufacturer and receive a new seed phrase

  14. My wallet was hacked and i lost everything. So i reset it.. and it happened again.

  15. Sorry to sound stupid , but can you reset the seed phrase and PIN number on a ledger nano S ? So can you change the seed phrase and PIN number?
    Should you move your crypto to somewhere else before doing this?
    Thanks for your help ….I struggle with these type of things

  16. Will my device still work if I confirmed one of my 24 words in the wrong order?

  17. Great video. Just a couple of questions:
    1. If I installed the eth app after setting up the device and then set up the 25th word, should I uninstall and reinstall the apps so they're associated with the 25th word now or will I just install a second eth app and now have two sets of apps installed, one associated with the 24 words and one associated with the 25 words. Or is it one app with two accounts?
    2. Will other wallets allow me to enter in my 24 words plus the 25th word to access the account, or are they limited to 24 words?
    3. When setting up a second ledger, do I set it up with the 24 words then add the 25th word that matches the 25th word on my first ledger and that will give me access to the same funds?

    Thank you

  18. hi there I did get the message the phrase didn't match however I was already logged in with the pin. does that confirm its correct?? If I put a wrong pin in 3 times then the phrase is wrong can I go back to the pin?? the phrase is on the paperwork from the start up I just wanted to double check before I add more funds.. there's only a small amount of crypto on it.

  19. Hi I lost my ledger and have orders a new one and recovers it all today does that mean that the one that was lost is void or could someone still get onto it if they where to find it?

  20. I would like to create new seed words on my own is this possible? I don't trust who I bought it from.

  21. Took me AGES to figure out how to test the passphrase is correct on ledger. Finally found this video – thank you !

  22. I've recently come across an issue with my Ledger Nano X. I plugged into Ledger Live only to discover that my balance is $0 yet I did not see or transfer any funds. Any recommendations?

  23. if i setup the device as a new device and set a new passphrase how do i still have access to the cryptos? Should i transfer everything before resetting?

  24. I lost my recovery phrase but still know the pin# but it won't let me move my assets to another wallet because it needs a software update but it won't let me update the software without having me to confirm that I have recovery phrase written down.

    Any suggestions?

  25. Hello, is the recovery Check app safe? Because you type in your seed phrase somewhere (your ledger). Can you use it too double check sometimes without any doubt of someone steal you phrase?

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