Reporting on Dan Wootton got dangerous for some!?

Reporting on Dan Wootton got dangerous for some!?
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30 gedachten over “Reporting on Dan Wootton got dangerous for some!?”

  1. Hi Jon just goes to show how many sickos are out there,thanks for update


  3. Why I am not surprised that DW and his stooges are resorting to mafia tactics?
    The police should investigate these crimes of threatening behaviour but I won’t hold my breath.

  4. I think he could have hired or blackmailed someone to do something for him. I'm not surprised.

  5. Someone needs throw a dirty nappy to Dan and shout CATCH!

  6. WoW!! I thought this would happen!! And DW is the one who makes the work done by others, as we read before. Thanks Jon

  7. another great video jon, you are doing an amazing job, i love your videos.

  8. If someone wants to kill someone over a Sexual Predator and bully then they deserve everything bad come to them. Dan The Sexual Predator Wootton is sitting back and laughing and thanking them for doing it. He is just like his friend Amber Heard, she has people on her behalf threatening other people especially women, who she and they supposedly "support".

  9. Instead of his “little black book” he uses his “ blackmail book”. Thank you Jon👍🏻👍🏻

  10. Good grief! What a bogus move. I hope the reporters will start parking where there is CCTV and if they find somebody doing this stuff on film, they should put the creep’s photo all over the Internet and make a police complaint.
    I know that DW will be going down. Just don’t know when. But I believe 100% that something is going to surface that gets him off the air. That will be a wonderful day!

  11. Where is everyone? I left a bit of slobber on the LIKE button. Sorry!! Please tickle the LIKE button!!

  12. Good to see you are catching up. Like I said from the start. Huw Dunnit? Dirty Dan Catfishing Honeytrapping @ £30K to £35K a pop. Huw's depression on going, dirty dan still on air. How many more he Catfished & Honeytrapped?……only the Sun will tell.

  13. This does look extremely suspicious. It probably isn't' Wootton personally but I suspect the dark forces he is connected to. These journalists are real heroes and one day I can see a movie being made about this. All power to them. Why are the UK media who were so quick to condemn JD failing to report this?

  14. If all these things are true that they say about him then DAMN Dan, you really are so much worse than what you tried to put over and convince people about JD. Shame on you, sow the wind reap the whirlwind biatch!!!

  15. Hopefully Dan W will get whats coming to him for all the bad things that he did and said about other people he's such a horrible person just like Amber Heard thanks Jon

  16. Why is this creep not been fully investigated and suspended by gbnews. He a sleazy fxxker

  17. Dan should be glad that ByLineTimes is not calling him names like he did to Johnny. They’re showing their research, Dan didn’t do ANY research on Depp v Heard, he just supported the popular side at the time when most people supported Amber due to the MeToo & other movements, and because most people didn’t look at all the facts published by Brian MacPherson YEARS before the US trial.

    Dan’s idiotic response had NOTHING that backs up his innocence, what he said is full of buzzwords, word salad, subjective terms, & accusations against his accusers – THAT shows how dimwitted he is.

  18. I think one his victims was threatened by a third party.

    Byline Times is centre politically, Dan is far right it’s relative.

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