Remember when Priest Holmes DOMINATED the NFL?

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30 gedachten over “Remember when Priest Holmes DOMINATED the NFL?”

  1. By far the best back over 3 years 6500 yards and 61 Tds should be in HOF

  2. This is why he's my wallpaper on my locked screen ❤️💛❤️💛❤️💛

  3. YES SIRRRR!!!! I started watching football his first year in KC and watched him pick apart the raiders on the ground. Ever since then I was a Chiefs fan.

  4. If only we had a defense, Holmes KC team might have been a Super Bowl winner. (Robinson–worst defensive coordinator in Chiefs history)

  5. Here's an interesting fact of how he got to KC by Dick Vermeil. Vermeil was a broadcaster, and was broadcasting the Longhorns in their Game. He had a talk with the coach and Dick mentioned Ricky Williams gonna be the factor, he said no, Priest Holmes. And Holmes had a monster Game in the Bowl game. And Dick kept him in mind cause after he traded for Trent Green, Trent needed a back and he seen Priest was a FA and the Chiefs met 13 of Priests asks out of 15. And the rest is history

  6. Man I wish I could see him play live but he was a chiefs back a few years before I was born

  7. My favorite of ALL TIME. Such an underdog… such a shame he left the league how he did. I'm SO HAPPY I got to grow up watching him, though.

  8. If he stayed healthy,🐐 conversation¹.
    I still have both my red Priest jerseys; one pretty torn down from wear, one with the tags on still. 🙏

    ¹In fairness, that O line was so completely dominant that John Q Streetclothes² probably could have put on pads and coulda averaged 3 ypc. Tait, Shields, Weigman, Waters, Roaf. That's THREE HOFers on one O-line. Plus PB Tony Richardson literally snowplowing the way to green fields.

    ²In fact, vs ATL, and Priest having already gone 150+ yds 4 TDs, Blaylock was subbed in and went 100 yds 4 TDs too. KC hung 56 on the Falcons.

  9. He had the yards and LT had the TD legends. Loved those days

  10. Yes chiefs fan, I bet you would think he had the best 3 year stretch by a rb.

  11. What a line he ran behind too don't forget! That's not taking anything away from him his vision and patience for hole to open and even selecting from 2 holes I've never seen anyone like him those 3 years in smart, patient, incredible running back for sure.

  12. Man imagine Jamaal Charles running behind that line with willy road! That man was one of the best tackles ever!

  13. Iam from Mississippi…….literally I've gotten asked why iam a KC fan 1000 times and this man is my answer every time……me at 10 years old was sold after watching my guy 😅……GO CHIEFS!!!!!

  14. Still have my jersey from 2002. He's one of my favorites of all time. Can't wait for August 13 10:00 am … come on, let's go ‼️ Saints, here we come.

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