REEF – Will We MOON Soon? – Technical Analysis in 2022

laatste update: 09-2022

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19 gedachten over “REEF – Will We MOON Soon? – Technical Analysis in 2022”

  1. Sir tomorrow I buy xem sir we could sell or not plz tell me.hold xem.nem

  2. Yup you deserve some 🖤, moved to the top of my tube webisodes list, bigup 👊😎

  3. Sir please can you tell me that Binance is safe place for our funds or not if not then which is best for our funds?

  4. New sub thank you for the Reef analysis 🙏
    Sheesh you were spot on with REEF breaking out

  5. how to verify wheather rejection occured or not, I am confused please show some examples of clear rejection

  6. this is only the begining! reef will be a great investment!

  7. Sorry you got no hope Few years maybe They destroyed this coin with the bad chat I had a large amount in it I sold it never moves much Shame FUD Nice video my friend

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