REEF Finance To Break The Top 100 Soon?!?

REEF has been one of the stronger performers in the past several weeks.

I believe it is very possible for bullish momentum to continue in the coming weeks, to ultimately push us into the Top 100 Crypto Market Cap Rankings. I explain why here.

I am looking to educate and help others by spreading sound technical analysis within the crypto community.

My aim is to help others in making informed decisions.

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12 gedachten over “REEF Finance To Break The Top 100 Soon?!?”

  1. Thanks! I'm gonna look into this, I'm always interested in getting in early on some promising projects. Have you ever considered doing a short series on teaching TA basics?

  2. Thanks for awesome vid. I started doing some research on reef and I appreciate your input. Very helpful 🤜🏽

  3. Слежу за проектом с самого начала, отличный проект, с огромным будущим. Топлю за reef, большая часть портфеля именно в нем🔥

  4. Проект будущего. Верю в Reef!

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