REEF Finance Review: A HIDDEN 100x Crypto Investment?! in 2022

laatste update: 06-2022

100x Defi Crypto Potential – Reef Finance Token review

00:00 Intro
00:50 Reef Finance Overview
01:39 Crypto ETF’s w/AI
03:16 Tokenomics
06:00 Roadmap
07:34 News
08:30 $80m VC Investment
10:01 Where to buy Reef?
10:39 Conclusion

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100x Defi Crypto Potential – Reef Finance Token review

Reef Finance operates within the DeFi Market, which has a current market cap of around 79B as of the recording of this video. With the token trading around .015 , I wondered if it was an opportunity to invest early in a token for substantial gains. Here’s the result of my research.

Reef Finance solves the problem of DeFi fragmentation (managing different wallets, multiple liquidity tokens, etc.) and reduces the confusion for newer investors to DeFi by providing a simple to use ETF Esque user interface to engage with DeFi. By simply selecting the amount you want to contribute, and selecting your risk tolerance, you’re met with a set of recommended DeFi crypto earning opportunities to invest in. It’s one-click invest and one-click devest. No more managing different wallets, multiple liquidity tokens!

Diving into the tokenomics of Reef Finance, they raised around $4 million in what appears to be fairly equitable funding round. With a vesting schedule that is gradual and fair. Digging through BSC and Ethscan we can also see that there are no whales who are major holders of the token. This is important because we don’t have to worry about a whale dumping their tokens and sinking the token’s price.

As we pull up the roadmap, we can see the team has been active all the way back in 2019. With consistent follow-thru and execution of the project’s milestones. As we look forward, two goals on the roadmap I’m particularly interested in watching are the formation of Reef’s DAO or governing organization and its participation in Kusama/Polkadot para chain auctions. It’s also nice to see that Reef’s GitHub is active with nearly weekly development.

Looking towards the news, we can see that the Reef team has consistently been adding partners and enhancements to their technology. It’s also nice to see that Reef is very active on social media, as well as Denko Mancheski has a handful of AMA’s on Youtube. We did have the Alameda Research $80 Million dollar investment in Reef Finance fall-thru, which certainly caused some initial concerns around the Reef token. But, I feel that Denko handled it well, and proved his long-term goals and aspirations for the Reef Token.

Wrapping things up, you can buy the Reef token on Binance (not in the U.S.), through Uniswap, or on the Reef Finance App. I think the best way to stack Reef tokens may just be providing liquidity to the protocol. So you’re not buying the tokens, but rather putting your money to work to earn them.

That’s a wrap! Let me know what you think in the comments down below.

NoAutoPilot out! Peace!

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  1. Had a good start but there was a lot of fud that halted the price , I do think it’s a good project

  2. 0:34 Ececptionally affordable. Do you know what your talking about?

    You can buy a penny's worth of BTC?




  3. imo you can't look at it in terms of the price, there are a lot of tokens that are $0.01 that have billions in mktcap. The reason I like Reef's growth potential from a financial standpoint is because they are only 2.5 X from their. there's still a lot of potential growth that hasn't been realized. I think they will benefit from DOT getting more attention down the road

  4. I've been a believer in the reef since before the release and that's why I have a lot in my portfolio. But I admit that sometimes I'm afraid of losing money. I will continue trusting and waiting for the project to develop. One thing that worried me was that Reef took information on the road map from their website. You know why?

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