REEF Coin Price Prediction – Technical Analysis for Reef Blockchain, Daily Update

This is a quick technical analysis for REEF Blockchain. Helping you find the best entry point for each currency by only looking at the technical data. We compare each currency with Bitcoin to understand the correlation between the two and how they affect one another. You should leave this video understanding effective entry points and the overall market sentiment from a technical point of view.

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9 gedachten over “REEF Coin Price Prediction – Technical Analysis for Reef Blockchain, Daily Update”

  1. I from another country my languages not good, just suggestion for you, please give line your prediction, its to easy to undestand. thanks

  2. Thank you for covering REEF, Looking Great this Morning 😀

  3. Reef is looking like its in a fairly good spot after the bitcoin dip, hasnt blown up yet and has a lot of potential to go up. hard to find a good spot to get in with this one, patience equals profits though. great insight thanks for the update on REEF.

  4. Reef has 10 events that starts today, May and throughout June. I am holding!!

  5. Thanks! I subscribed because you come across as very level headed and explain it well without all the ridiculous hype and over the top predictions!

  6. As an absolute novice I welcome your calm and concise explanations. Cheers mate. I'll be sharing your channel with my friends who are also new to this crazy crypto world

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