REEF coin price prediction – 4x is possible

REEF coin price prediction. Reef crypto (formerly Reef Finance) has the potential to soar in price. Having recently changed from a DeFi to a Layer 1 project it’s now a fascinating investment. The Reef crypto coin project allows developers a cheap, fast and efficient way to launch Ethereum projects the like which are rare until now. And with such scalability it makes it perfect for DeFi, NFTs and gaming. One mistake however which The Reef coin team has made is their recent rebrand to Reef. It should have been earlier – something which has been a common complaint with the Reef crypto project for a while. In short, it’s complicated for Reef coin and makes for an interesting Reef price prediction.

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Recap: Reef price prediction. It’s interesting this Reef coin.

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  1. Great content as usual! Any more videos on Solana coming up?

  2. Thanks for Fantom and Ponyo.And CMC for that matter.Owe you James 🙂

  3. For sure too late to remarket.I think it's going to grow far better next one

  4. Huge potential in the bear cycle for reef.Reef development is key

  5. Great vid.I agree it will only run based on general market sentiment.

  6. Thanks again mate. And get some bloody sleep hey lol

  7. Hate to ever put my foot in my mouth but i think there is no max supply…the community will vote on the inflation rate….."i think"

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