ReddCoin Wallet 101 – ReddBits Series

How to get started with the ReddCoin (RDD) Core wallet. With new version 3.10.3 rapid sync, go from zero to staking FAST!

TechAdept walks through each step, including how to “bootstrap” for our impatient ReddHead viewers. 🙂

Find your deposit address, manipulate and backup files, enable features, learn how to use the ReddCoin network to its fullest!

First in a series of “how to” videos explaining ReddCoin’s Core technology and feature set. Watch for upcoming videos with more of what this seemingly simple piece of software can do!

ReddHead community support to help translate and provide this information in other languages is needed, so join the Swarm and help us “Spread the Redd!”

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  1. Hey we should talk collaboration ! You need a marketing team

  2. It requires me to have 20 gigs of blockchain. Please I want to buy this coin don't make me have to make more space on my hard drive

  3. I downloaded the wallet back in 2018…is that fine or do I have to move it over another wallet? 👍🏼

  4. can you provide links for these files on the video description?

  5. should I do it on a virtual machine? or is it safe to do it without it?

  6. Would you be able to do an update or link to how to encrypt/back up / protect from the drop down menu for all the newbies out here? Thanks!

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