Ranking ALL 63 SECRET COINS in Geometry Dash 2.1 in 2022

laatste update: 09-2022

Ranking ALL 63 SECRET COINS in Geometry Dash 2.1
Info : Coins will be named in form of A-B which has the meaning of B coin in Stage Number A

Example : 12-3 = 3rd coin in Theory of Everything
8-1 = 1st coin in Time Machine
21-2 = 2nd coin in Fingerdash

All footage is by me, took around an hour to record lol

DISCLAIMER : This is my own opinion and the difficulty of each coins depends on your most skilled mode, you can say 12-2 is harder than 21-3 because you are good at the wave. It’s totally fine, because it’s opinion-based.
I hope you understand what I mean xd
Timestamps :
#63 – 0:19
#50 (Aka top 50) – 3:02
#40 – 5:00
#25 – 7:58
#20 – 8:57
#10 – 10:58
#5 – 11:59
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Fun Fact : First Ranking Video boi

30 gedachten over “Ranking ALL 63 SECRET COINS in Geometry Dash 2.1 in 2022”

  1. I'm surprised this was made nearly 3 years ago when I was still cringy…

    I have quitted the game already lol 2.2 is too late at this point now

    update your game robrob you miss the biggest opportunity to update on 22/2/2022 do you want us to wait like 200 years or something

  2. The most hardest COIN in geometry dash is the 3rd COIN of stereo madness reason: I can't get 3rd COIN of SM so much secret a getted a nerf to 3rd COIN FOR Reason is the hardest COIN no much Players getted the COIN is a legendary coin than robtop nerfed.

  3. 29th coin:hard
    Me: I frogot the jump here when i was there first time And boom, the coin Is mine.

  4. where is subzero and meltdown? (world is not counting because it has no coins)

  5. i personally think that the secknd jumper coin is way easier than the 3rd one

  6. I got finger dash 3rd coin 1 att with some little practice it's completely easy

  7. Coin #9 is really easy for me, and I'm surprised it's there because I can't even get at least 25 of the coins before it.

  8. wait, wait, you forgot the subzero and meltdown coins, where the second coin on nock em is harder than the entire bloodbath…

  9. 13:00 yk I beat this coin without knowing I got it on my first time beating Fingerdash I just randomly did this wave miraculously I got all 10 coins 😂😂😂 I was like wait what since when I got all the coins

  10. i accidentally got the last coin while trying to do theory of everything

  11. has anyone forgot to jump in reverse grav part in time machine and get a coin?

  12. For some reason 18-2 is very easy for me, I only have 1 fail on it in a normal run.

  13. Things I dont agree with 59 53 51 46 44 43 41 36? first ufo coin what about toe. 21 18 17 14 13 12 11 10 9 7 6 5 3 2 1 this not a hate comment but only a opinion

  14. that last coin on the last level is the hardest and the longest coin to last lol

  15. I think polargeist third coin is the most annoying (not hardest) because it’s a bad timing and it’s 70% through the rest of the incredibly boring level

  16. Why is Back On Track 2nd coin so high? It should be number 61…
    Oh, and also Electroman 3rd coin. It's easier than normal way and not even secret.

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