Radio Shack Wants To List SafeMoon

laatste update: 06-2022

Radio Shack wants to list SafeMoon? Let’s talk about that.

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30 gedachten over “Radio Shack Wants To List SafeMoon”

  1. Safemoon Joe is done. That speaks volumes to me. Some of the Maxi's out there are just plain stupid. I understand that were all invested in this project but they act like information is bad. I can't do that. I've given John Karony enough of my money it's time for him to start giving back to this community.

  2. I listened to you for a long time. You seem like good people and honest. Don't let haters get to you. I am still holding Safemoon. To the moon or zero. Sorry to see Joe flip but something must have changed his mind. I truly hope it's all a misunderstanding.

  3. @6:15 The "SafeMoon Army" is who attack you. I stopped following a lot of the SafeMoon stuff because of how the community is. I see some of your videos here. I saw the stuff with Christine and was pissed.

  4. @cryptoAtlas you're doing the lords work man. Dealing with this community is asinine. The mob is fickle brother. Ignore them. People are hating on you, People are hating on Joe, People hated on Arjay and Adam; they're all just children. Thanks for what you do.

  5. two looser companies. Sorry it shows you do not do thorough research and any research you have done is questionable. You are doing them to fast. It’s like your are trying to be the 1st with the story. Slow down, you are not stupid but I expect better reporting from you.

  6. Thanks for continuing the safemoon content. Ef the naysayers, they don’t mean a thing-311. Peace and love dude!

  7. I love your videos! Please keep them up! I watch them every day that you upload safemoon news!

  8. Hey man,

    Remember that the loudest ones aren't the majority. Don't even pay attention to all that nonsense & negativety. As a influencer in the public eye, you're unfortunately subject to criticism over the slightest thing; it comes with the territory. Keep doing what you're doing & ignore the noise. The real ones appreciate you and recognize your hard work!

  9. Mate you are trying to use Safemoon influence to sell your quak NFT and make money for yourself adding the gimmick of sending funds to the burn wallet…. The bottom line is money for you the main objective.. sell ur nft and give funds to another project we dont need baiting for your side hustle

  10. You're embarrassing yourself with these misinformed reactionary videos. You're seeing conspiracies with Korean boy bands and now you think radio shack has a crypto exchange?! Next time PLEASE do actual research before you run to your computer like a 2yr old to share "what you just learned" because you're starting to hurt the #SafeMoon community.

  11. IDK about everyone else personally I found the tweets to coffeezilla absolutely hilarious. I've got no sympathy for that bloke and I always suspected he's kind of guy that uses a vibrator.

  12. Don’t read the comment ( Twitter and YouTube ) if they can get to you this much. This is the internet and you can’t take everything seriously

  13. I've been listening to you since nearly your beginning coverage of #SafeMoon. I personally appreciate you and your videos. I get that you're frustrated; but I hope you truly realize that the VAST MAJORITY appreciate your efforts. Stay strong. I just subscribed to your twitter to show my support!

  14. I get where you were going, let them know you don’t need to donate anything to the burn wallet. I know your heart is in the right place and I will remain a huge fan of yours.

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