Pump and Dump Schemes Explained in One Minute

Since I’ve covered penny stocks (which are frequently pumped and dumped) previously, it makes sense to cover pump and dump schemes in general today.

Nowadays, a lot of assets (bitcoin alternatives aka altcoins, for example) are pumped and dumped rather than just penny stocks. To be a good investor, you need to develop the habit of spotting pump and dump schemes and fortunately, this isn’t very hard.

Let’s put the pump and dump approach under the microscope today, shall we?

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30 gedachten over “Pump and Dump Schemes Explained in One Minute”

  1. Here we are in 2021 and reddit is booming with pump and dump subreddits (i don't mean wallstreetbets even tho the subreddit is big, there was probably at some point a scheme there too). Dogecoin is pure pump and dump scheme.

  2. i was about to say.. sounds like crypto currency. and then i was correct seeing the ending lol

  3. So he buys stocks at a low price and then talks about the benefits of buying the stocks and since they bought them he sold them for more and then it was too late to make something from it?

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  8. Wait, why were there no buyers when the shareholders try to sell?

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  10. Why would someone buy shares from someone raising the price ? When it’s $0.10?

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