PS3 #2: The Undead


In September of 2020, I attempted to fix my second Yellow Light Of Death PS3. PS3 #2 has been the longest running repair I’ve attempted. This video summarizes both my successes and mistakes over the two year period I spent on this console. As such, it’s jam packed. The latter half especially.

This video is best viewed after watching PS3 #1: Tantalum Terror. I’d been lured in by the NEC/TOKIN hysteria and in the first half of this video I show how the misinformation continued my descent into the mire, and how I finally came to realize it wasn’t “the fix.”

I am trying to avoid splitting these repair logs into parts. 1 Video per console is the goal. So for the sake of time, I move quickly and don’t explain every detail. This video contains very technical sections that may go over the viewers head. Instead of treating you like a baby, my approach is to lay it out in plain English as best as I can. Hopefully it makes sense, but if not, please understand that there was simply too much information to cover things I’ve already explained, or intend to explain, in another video.

I am telling the story of how I got into PS3 repair. I’m doing so in chronological order of the events. This repair attempt spanned the entire time I’ve worked on PS3’s. If it seems like I’m jumping forward in time and there was a lot that happened in between, that’s be I am and there was. Please remember that when I started work on this console, we didn’t have the same knowledge and tools available to diagnose the Yellow Light Of Death (YLOD) we do now. So you will see me struggle, make mistakes, contribute to the misinformation, etc. I am airing dirty laundry and fully aware it stinks. But I think it’s important to show you what not to do.

Original Posts detailing this console (Started in the same Post as PS3 #1. Scroll down to #2).

SYSCON Tutorial:

Frankenstein Phat PS3 Tutorial:

PS3 Tantalizer:

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00:00 Intro & Backstory
01:30 Types of YLOD
03:01 NEC/TOKIN Hysteria
05:51 Bias, Delusion, and Misinformation.
10:15 Thermomechanical False Repair
13:46 The Determined Fury of Purpose!
15:51 Reballing’s Hard
17:56 Here’s Frankie! (RIP)
19:53 Revisit – A test of skill
22:54 Trolls, Rabbit Holes, and Troubleshooting woes.
27:32 Troll in the Voltage Tree
29:07 Progress?
31:45 Testing Phase
33:33 Conclusion

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  1. Hey man – what are you currently working on? I hope you know whatever it is we are excited to know ✌️

  2. How reliable is the 90 nm cell? Do they usually have their own bga problems ?

  3. How’s it going? I’ve had these videos on my mind for the past few days and came back to see if there was any updates in the comments. Feel like giving us a hint on when you will post again? Keep up the great work!

  4. There is still need of ps3 fat. Im not quite into ps stuff, i bought recently ps3 slim with HEN. And it plays ps2 games as well, i think enough good. So there is any idea why for example i need ps3 fat? Please answer somebody

  5. Another incredible piece of work. Thank you. Excited for the next one. Truly an inspiration and enjoyment to watch.

  6. Im waiting on my cp2102 atm to see whats the error code. Like everyone I was going to change the tokin without testing anything. I heard of your video and watched it all (1 and 2) and im glad I did it. I have a late ylod so im pretty sure ill have to find a 65nm to revive my old phat model. But fir the price I got it ill try my best and hope its gonna come back to life ! Thanks for all the information you gave out youre a legend

  7. I have a Fat PS3 with YLOD, would you be interested in taking a look at it? It has not been touched or worked on since YLOD.

  8. Your videos are truly fascinating brother. Looking forward to your next one, keep up the amazing work.

  9. Wow, I never thought I'd have to say it, but you made electrical engineering riveting

  10. Man I love this. I just turned 50, and I'm starting school tomorrow to be an electrical engineer. Never too late for a new path, right? Anyway, I just devoured all your PS3 videos and they made me SO PUMPED for learning all of this stuff myself. Instead of boning up on my high school maths like I should have. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks.

  11. This is why I emulate through RPCS3….
    The PS3 is just too power hungry and loud. You'll need a decent pc to run it though. I recommend Nobara Linux.

  12. As someone who made a "Frankenstein" 360 out of parts any sane and normal being would have thrown it in the nearest garbage…. I feel how it is to troubleshoot, be excited only for it to die the next day. My next step is getting a new Rhea in there when I have the time and money. It's the one 360 unit that'll probably come to the grave with me.

  13. I'm so disappointed my mum and dad got me the 60gb launch model for my Xmas 1 year it stopped working 1 day before warranty not a ylod btw the first time just no picture which told me the video chip was probs dead the refurb unit which my mum and dad wernt happy about as it was a 2nd hand unit and was covered in scratches I always on a two weekly basis cleaned my playstation same was with the PS2 aswell get all the dust out and polish the piano black case and still a year later ylod and I was playing mw2 too aswell never bought another PlayStation since my grandads friend worked on pcs so I gave it to him as he said he knew what it was which he didn't btw got it back like 4 weeks later witch screws missing the case broken as he didn't know there was a security screw for the black face plate even at a young age I knew it had security screw there you could see the hole under the rubber foot wouldn't even turn on knowing what I know now I could have done this myself and saved it 🙁

  14. Omg this makes me so nervous to attack my 2 PAL CECHC models I have at home. One works intermittently. Doesn't turn on at first but then after 2 tries turns on and then shuts off after 15 minutes I'm gonna have to look into a way to see if I can find the error code.

  15. So basically what you are saying is that probably it's all about reballing?

  16. 18:10 kinda surprised how Bukalapak (kinda like indonesian eBay but hardly used vs tokopedia), pops up here.

  17. We have to ask to Sony why they didn’t recall these systems? We should not have to worry about our systems breaking. They know what the error code is, since they were the ones manufacturing these consoles.

  18. @RIP Felix Very cool videos and how you got this to the undead category.
    I want to ask. You said you’re a scientist; I would like to know what do you actually do for a living, what did you studied? College? I hope you don’t mind answering this. I’m really curious.
    Good luck 👍 🍀

  19. Where can I learn all the things I would need to be able to do what you did?
    I’ve done 0 electronics before.

  20. Ironic, how the hardest game you have played in PS3, was the PS3 itself!!

  21. Buddy, You´re really good at this. I went thru Your other vids and I just love Your approach, skills and editing. You´re a really good Lad, may You be well and come up with such nice content for us poor sinners.

  22. It'd be in your best interest if you read the Dunning-Kruger paper actually. That graph that people parrot all over the internet didn't come from the paper and its supposed meaning is far from anything that was measured in the paper. I don't believe the origin of that graph is known or how it became associated with a completely unrelated research paper.

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