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Increase your profits at Bittrex with ProfitPump! The application that lets you place orders faster than anyone.

Specially designed for Bittrex pumps trading. Just write the coin name and press buy to place orders inmediatly. The application will calculate the price and place the order for you. The faster an order is placed, the more profit you will earn, so this app is extremely useful for quick pumps.

Once you placed the order, the app tells you if it was filled or not. It also prints the current price of the coin, updating it constantly so you can sell it when it reaches the price you want. Sell orders are also placed with the same speed as buy orders, so you can take advantage to others.

The app is fully customizable, you can configure the BTC amount to spend and the buy/sell price increment you want to offer from the current coin price. You can also configure if you want to autocancel a non-filled order or not.

Apart from trading, you can check your current open orders and cancel them, and take a look to your closed orders history.

Don’t wait more and start increasing your profits with ProfitPump!

15 gedachten over “ProfitPump for Bittrex”

  1. hey guys the app is ok. but giving you all my data for access to bittrex? i am not THAT stupid

  2. Pretty cool idea. I haven't participated in a pump since fairpumps first half dozen or so (after their hiatus), but I would have been all over this. It's either going to destroy the pump scene or make it FAR more interesting. Is fairpumps still or thing or are their new and better places?

    Also, what is this costing the users? Data or money?

  3. the app is NOT FREE. If you want to use it , you must to pay 75 euros. Fuck

  4. Just curious, what do you recommend Buy multiplier and Sell multiplier?

  5. as to what should we adjust buy and sell multiplier? I m confused? please advise some experiences….

  6. There are some bugs on this app. There needs to be a refresh button on the home page.

  7. This looks cool app. We do analyze pump and dump group and differentiate between scammers and legit pump groups. Your subscribers can surely make use of our telegram group and participate only in legit pumps. Note: Neither we do any pump & dump nor we have ties to any pump group. Join us for fair analysis on per second chart. Don't get deceived by looking at 1 minute charts posted by pump groups.

  8. hi,
    can anyone tell me about buy multiplier and sell multiplier .
    please i'm not understand ,explain it

  9. This app + Telegram Pumpgroups = Better Lovestory than Twilight 😂😂 just made 50% profit today no joke no scam worth investing even thought the price is high , the return in investment will come when you close them profits with this fast selling pump whale app haha , this is the Whales best friend app hahaha when flash crash happens you close your profits in a split second no need to type in the goddamn price like in bittrex. xD

  10. Can you make a new video with new update and features please, the signal bot now has stop loss and take profit but they don't work….

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