Profit Trailer Review – Bitcoin Trading Bot for Binance, Bittrex, & Poloniex

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30 gedachten over “Profit Trailer Review – Bitcoin Trading Bot for Binance, Bittrex, & Poloniex”

  1. Hey @CryptoGnome what video software do you use to have your face in the corner of the screen like that? Thanks

  2. I have 3 alt coins in Binance and 6 in Bittrex. How would that work? Both have Bitcoin, only very very little, what was left from buying the other coins

  3. Can you post another discord link it never seems to work for me

  4. Profit trailer support is disappointing to say the least. Profit Trailer is difficult to use for a beginner and trying to get support is frustrating. I have witnessed many Profit Trailer clients experiencing rudeness. This is not good for business. Wake up, provide support for those that have just began using your profit and have spent their hard earned money Profit trailer. I love your videos Crypto Gnome, I have put your settings into Profit Trailer but it has done nothing but give me errors. To even get it to run was an uphill battle. 2 days and nothing.

  5. Have you got this working with EMA cross? I have only been using EMA spread

  6. What is the up front cost and how much do you normally start with?.

  7. Have you done a video on how to track trades for tax purposes?

  8. went to Discord channel .. link to settings is where? .. thanks

  9. what about installing profit trailer on a chromebook?? it is possible?

  10. just bought profit trailer on your link will need help setting up. thanks

  11. Great video. Do you think 1% per day return is achievable over the course of a year? Thanks. I trade Crypto currently and am looking into BOTs trading.

  12. Hey gnome How do I get on your discord. Its not letting me type anything

  13. Hi Gnome, how are you? I'm putting your configuration: "", Binance, of this link: Profit-Trailer-Settings / Crypto Gnome Profit Trailer Settings / BINANCE / EMA SPREAD SETTINGS (BETA v1 MUST EDIT FOR YOUR EXCHANGE)

    But I would like to know if this is correct PERIOD, I am using Binance and you have put it there: EMA SPREAD:

    BB_period = 600
    BB_sma = 40

    SMA_period = 300
    SMA_1 = 24
    SMA_2 = 12

    EMA_period = 300
    EMA_1 = 24
    EMA_2 = 12


  14. hey, what about an update? Would be exciting to see how it performs in falling markets.

  15. Is it possible to use two different strategies for one coinpair. So all of the requirements must be met from both strategies before a purchase is made?

  16. Hi. Your settings on Github are a bit old. Can you make an update.

  17. Trade with a professional today. Mrs. Suzanne Flores is 100% legitimate and takes a 19% commission after profit is being made. I begun trading with almost £5,000 and I’ve made almost £30,000 in a week trade. It’s quite unbelievable. I’m so thankful and happy

  18. poloniex is very bad exchange. i have been trading there for 1 year, but customer support was so bad that I had to switch to different platform

  19. i am not sure about bittrex or binance but I had hard time trading at poloniex. they are processing withdrawals for so long that it is impossible to receive them under 1 month delay

  20. Hey Gnome. 1:56, questions like: "What is Profit Trailer," and "How does it run," and "Can they take your money and run," aren't weird questions.

  21. Nice summary. I am wondering are you planning on adding any other platforms to the list. I use Bitseven and I love it. What do you think?

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