PLTR STOCK: Cathie Wood Just Dropped a MASSIVE BOMBSHELL about PLTR’s Future | PLTR Stock Prediction

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0:00: Cathie Wood’s purchase of 2 million shares of Palantir.
0:59: Why Cathie Wood bought at 52-week highs.
1:58: Palantir’s status as a real AI company.
2:48: Palantir’s financials.
3:53: Palantir’s business model.
4:48: Addressing common criticisms of Palantir.
5:54: Palantir’s valuation.
7:00: Outro.

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  1. Thanks you for keeping us updated with AMS55K. I feel for our country, low income people are now suffering to survive, inflation and recession increasing daily and many families can't even enhance good cost of living anymore thankful for this AMS55K .

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  3. Elon wants Disney to go as far down as X and TSLA and then buy it and add it to his long list of failures. I'ma watch the show, eat my popcorn and enjoy it all!

  4. I can’t trust Cathie anymore. She had the chance to load up at $7 but she waited till now to load up

  5. Held it from 7 and just waiting for it to drop a little to DCA up. Thanks Tom 🙂

  6. i sold some i guess i am that person you are talking about

  7. Well if Cramer is saying I should buy, I’m refinancing my home and I’m all in!

  8. Unfortunately Cathie Wood has lost most of her credibility recently.

  9. Every week I buy more of whatever is the lowest percentage of my portfolio and try to keep everything around 10%. Please what could be my safest buys with $400k to outperform the market in 2024?

  10. Do those of you that are profitable have highly specific entry and risk-management methods, or do you mostly rely on your instincts and exit trades when they begin to break particular pivots? While browsing the internet, I came across this investor who, in just three months, increased his $20k investment to around $150,000. Meanwhile, I've lost over $17,000 and have tried everything—changing both my timing and strategy—but I still can't seem to generate any money. I feel like crap because I've lost on practically everything I've ever purchased:(

  11. How is the like the Dotcom bubble? Back then, MULITPLE companies valuations went crazy based on fluff.

    This time it's just TSMC, NVDA, and SMCI.

    The shovel parts manufacturer, the shovel wholesaler, and the shovel combo pack retailer haha

  12. ‏‪1:42‬‏ repaly pls
    The probelm.isnt only find tj
    He one
    Its to hold for ten years, ex: googl,youtube

  13. Been Dollar-cost averaging since $7. In it for the long term. Karp is focused on growing commercial business especially in healthcare

  14. Palantir and NVDA 1 year charts are looking identical both are up over 200%

  15. Don't forget every analyst out there only calls the price in the direction it's currently moving. Not earnings or guidance. Don't fomo, take your time and buy red

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