People betting against us are shorting innovation, says Cathie Wood

ARK Invest’s Cathie Wood joins the ‘Halftime Report’ to discuss her trading strategy and what she makes of all the criticism she’s faced as her portfolio has taken a hit.

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  1. innovation is trumped by economic disaster. We are in an economic disaster. Wait for it to bottom out and stabilize then buy high risk tech stocks and "innovation" backed investments. She needs to hold off then invest when we stabiize not dump all her company into over valued stocks during a down turn.

  2. Shorting draft kings, Robin hood and teledoc hasn't been shorting innovation. It's shorting bulls

  3. Of course they're doing research. The came to the conclusion that innovation is truly a great thing, however way overvalued based on valuation methods used for decades.

  4. They not betting against innovation they betting against a stock picker

  5. Sounds like a true liberal. Anytime a liberal fvcks up, they blame it on someone else. Oh, IM NOT WINNING BECAUSE YOU BET AGAINST WHAT IM FOR. No, they are betting against you cuz your decisions are shlt and nothing you touch has ever produced. YOU PLAY THE MARKET LIKE A TWO YEAR OLD. You keep doubling down on losses. You double down on winners. Not losers. Your investors want returns, not promises of grand futures.

  6. Me and my Daddy bought a $2 lotto ticket with our birthdates as the numbers. if we're right, the rewards are gonna enormous (think 20 mil)

  7. They are not shorting innovation… They are shorting overvaluation.

  8. She said oil was a sell at 25$ a barrel and bought more Roku at 400$. Her stupidity is infinite!!

  9. Lol no… They are shorting due to stagflation. And they are correct and will continue to be. They are not shorting innovation, and they are smarter than you are.

  10. Cathie Wood and Elon Musk are geniuses that come around once in a thousand years.

    Elon is a visionary that has and will transform the world for all humanity. Cathie in a way sees the future ahead of time and invests in it.

  11. Imagine having the fastest crumbling reputation and then claiming people are shorting innovation because they know you are clueless, Shorting Cathie Wood is innovative

  12. LOL the ticker showing her negative fund return and the ticker below it showing an exact opposite positive return by going inverse her fund 😂

  13. 3mon ago and here we have NAS100 at $12,700….wonder how her portfolio looks now lol

  14. Lol turned out shorting Tech was the best thing you could possibly have done on January ,she was 100% wrong it made the biggest loss

  15. Ark wants to deliver 15% a year every year ,yet in a bull market most tech companies make 50% a year ,why bother ,just pick 10 of your own stocks , and put 1/10th in each make sure none of them start crashing if they do swap them out for another and I can almost guarantee you will beat 15%

  16. you need to a rocket science or research to short or buy.
    if things are up and bull market buy
    if it is bear market keep selling that is common sense

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