Pancake Swap #1 DEX | REEF CEO | Bitcoin 56,000! How to Buy REEF

How to Buy Reef with Pancake Swap at the end. Reef finance has come under a lot of FUD lately. In Crypto there are often scams but we need to look at altcoins objectivly. The reef finance CEO has cleared up some pressing issues, that being said, the company is still small and there is still risk involved. Bitcoin hit all time high!!!

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17 gedachten over “Pancake Swap #1 DEX | REEF CEO | Bitcoin 56,000! How to Buy REEF”

  1. Is pancake swap down? I can't connect trust wallet. Whenever I press connect on the top right and select trust wallet, it does nothing.

  2. I was jus checking the github activity of REEF, i couldn't find any activity. Wondering what would have happened, even i see a guy was asking about this…

  3. Could you make a video about these altcoins you expect to see a pump in the next weeks? And maybe also why, or make a video on how we (newbies) can find these gems ourselves, cheers! Great content!

  4. Onyx Block, please look into Denko and his connection to the scam "viewly" project in 2018.

  5. How do you buy bnb though? You brushed over that really fast. I'm in the us and dont have binance. Can you just swap usdt to reef on pancakeswap? I'm finding it very hard to buy reef in the US as a crypto noob 🙁

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