In this video we discuss about Safemoon and the latest updates! With a spice of ta


Safemoon’s Wallet


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  1. What's the best way to make money from crypto investing?

  2. I work with the Cross Staking. So in 5 months my profit was is +150%

  3. Everyone is already leaving mining pools because of Cross Staking

  4. What's the point of comparing the staking sites if there is Cross Staking

  5. I'm holding for reflections. I already have enough to take care of me and my daughter for the rest of our lives. Wait for 1B+ daily.

  6. Grove is doing better than safemoon haha 😂 it’s hilarious

  7. The security song has already been sung – from the very beginning, in fact. Right along with all the other world changing innovations promised. Sfm is running out of promises to break, so they're rebreaking old ones. And HOW, if the card is a third party, buy and slap your logo on it product, does safemoon have anything to do with its security!? Convenient how it's the intangibles that's the problem. But I guess, intangibles is all we got.

  8. This is called a slow rugg. (after the 2021 quick pump and dump orchestrated by paying sleazy media influencers with billions of tokens that they quickly sold to their followers). Millions more were taken from the LP during the v1 to v2 move. No big investor will ever want to join this stained token. Its done. Volume is going down as the lawsuits go up. Can't wait for the depositions of the insiders.

  9. Waiting for more than a year . What's five more years to complete this .

  10. Where is the money coming from to build all of this plus marketing? Coffezilla said Karony took the lock liquidity out .

  11. 160 bits is not enough. With quantum computing around the corner (right now its being utilized at university and government agency level – but soon [within the next 5 to 10 years is my prediction] every household can get one at the price of an Macbook Air) and soon every hacker will be able to hack that shit at the nano second level. Just cause 160 bit is good enough now… doesn't mean its good enough for tomorrow.

  12. If Bitcoin drops to 10k half the cryptos will end up folding

  13. Do you need to be so negative with your price forecast. No body can predict price and so you shouldn’t FUD viewers with your negative personal views. No one can predict Bitcoin future price…not even you!

  14. How is your bag doing JWK? Deeper in the gutter each day?

  15. The more hype crap you realease of this meme coin the more I know you are neck deep in the red in this shite project.the guys filled there pockets.the little dreamers lost everything

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