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We produce more data now than ever before.
It’s all around us. Growing exponentially; from people, companies and devices.

Data can be used to power innovation and lead to breakthroughs that save lives, reduce costs and improve the quality of our environment.
But right now, data is locked up. It’s a valuable resource that isn’t being used. Every person generates a stream of data. The problem is that they don’t own it. People give up their data for free and companies sell it.

We only realize this when we get spam mail, our data is hacked or our identity is stolen. Every year, over one million lives are lost in car accidents and countless others are injured, mostly because of human error.

Autonomous, self-driving cars point to a future, where more people can get home safely to their families. If car companies could pool their self-driving car data, we could rapidly improve the AI algorithms and have safe autonomous cars on the road sooner.

Here, data is available but it isn’t being shared. Our journey to solve this data sharing problem started with a simple idea. What if we could give everyone full control over their intellectual property?

This was ascribe.io, a service for creators to claim attribution.
We faced scaling challenges so we built BigchainDB, a database that has blockchain characteristics and allows people to manage and control their data. While building BigchainDB, we saw that a global planetary database was needed to store registries, lists and data in a decentralized network. This is the Interplanetary Database or IPDB.

After realizing that if data is stored on blockchains, it can be made accessible for AI and researchers, we knew that a decentralized protocol could be used to connect data to those who need it.

DEX is a centralized data exchange based in Singapore.
We were trying to build a data marketplace to share data, to find a cure for Parkinson’s. But because of data privacy laws and compliance, we couldn’t move medical data from Germany to Singapore. In early 2017, we reached out to BigchainDB in Berlin with an idea: To build a decentralized data exchange protocol.

This is what led us to start Ocean.
Giving peace of mind, control and security to data providers.
While allowing researchers to find and use the data they need.

And creating a thriving ecosystem of developers to build new marketplaces and provide innovative services. Ocean is a decentralized data exchange protocol. We took pieces from ascribe, to treat data like intellectual property that can be licensed and sold.

We took the privacy mechanisms from BigchainDB, to give users full control over their data. We took the models of governance and managing a network from IPDB. The network and protocol would be powered with an added native token, just like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Filecoin.

The OCEAN token is used as the means of exchange within the protocol and network. Providers earn OCEAN when their data is sold. Researchers use OCEAN to buy data. Keepers earn OCEAN for providing network services and storage. Marketplaces and developers earn OCEAN for building tools that the community can use.

And curators earn OCEAN for maintaining valuable public data, like climate data. We believe that everyone should be able to thrive in a data economy. We can unlock trillions in latent value of data and make it available for the benefit of humankind.

That’s why we’re building Ocean Protocol.
To unlock data and make it accessible to everyone and make the world a better place.


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  4. UGH I don't have my 2fa info for KuCoin anymore and can't get in!!!

  5. Nothing less than the future of the data economy, unlocking the data dividend on scale. This team stayed true to its vision and is now closer than ever to reaching its goals.

  6. Data is the most valuable resource in this century. Ocean will explode big time in 3-5 years.

  7. Me, with 20 Ocean: "That's why we're building, Ocean Protocol!"

  8. People: Taking thousands of pictures of literally everything with their smartphone.
    Companies offering e.g. food recognition software: Great, I will pay you to give me those 200 pictures of pizza you took.
    –> Win Win situation!

  9. I’ve been feeling a huge pump coming for
    OCEAN Protocol. It will definitely get it closer to it’s true worth. #Value

  10. so what happened in these 3 years? is there a progress made overview that we can find somewhere?

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  12. Shut up and take my money!!!!!!!!!! Great idea great message!!!!

  13. This is getting me excited about the future. Because right now the world is just so full of despair. 👍

  14. If they are built on Ethereum does this mean the transaction speed is limited to Ethereum's? If so, won't this cause scalability issues given Ethereum's transaction speed and cost?

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