Now Might Be The Best Time To Buy XMR; Here’s Why!

laatste update: 08-2022

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Should you buy Monero today, at its current price? Well, even though it’s the most popular privacy token, its price has been unstable in recent months. So it’s difficult to tell where it’ll go in the next five years, but at its current pricing, this might be the ideal time to invest!

That being said, while Monero looks to be cheap and ready to buy, potential buyers should wait for further indicators before buying it. Watch the full video on our Youtube channel if you want to learn more!

10 gedachten over “Now Might Be The Best Time To Buy XMR; Here’s Why!”

  1. congratulations for the channel, for all channels and I hope that this truth also continues to advance; Now it's not long to 1000 subscribers

  2. I checked your channel and watched all of the videos you've made about monero. they are all helpful and informative. i hope you come to check your youtube channel from time to time, and hope you remove scammer comments in your channel. for now, i reported the scammers / chatbots on the comment section here. not sure what youtube will do about these scammers and if they will ever do anything about it. great content by the way and i already subscribed to your channel

  3. Bet you wish you had waited 4 days to publish this video, since XMR has crashed along with BTC today!!! (currently trading at $124 to 1 XMR) XD!!!! Seriously, whole market is a bloodbath!! So….Go buy XMR TODAY lol!! I bought it 4 days ago, at $165 and thought THAT was low…..I was SO WRONG, it's dropped lower than the May 2022 crash now!! So yeah–TODAY is a good buy

  4. Got in at $123.30, been waiting to get into this rare token..I’ve even leveraged 3x with MXC with liq at $91.. let’s go!!!

  5. I am really surprised that Monero did not hit $1,000 plus in the bull market last year, but I think that it will go there eventually. It should be worth in the thousands of dollars per coin one day.

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