NOW: Bitcoin Is F*ck You Money – Bitcoin Conference 2022

Bitcoin 2022 Conference – Bitcoin Is F*ck You Money
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Host: Max Keiser, Francis Ngannou and Adam Curry

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  3. The bots filling this comment section tells you all you need to know about what people use crypto for.

  4. nft is not a thing yet but every player out there is waiting for a game like ready player one every singe one that are the people from this trillion dollar industry every single project is talking about …. so BITCOIN is great as it is today but nft can be big … but only when one person comes and build this real metaverse… WE WAITING for it and there is the real trillion dollar adoption opportunity so why they only talk and not doing it we have the grafics today and the ram and the servers to do that and include crypto is easy as stole a candy from a kid … My question is why nobody did it and people are only concentrade on war and financial shit because there you have short hypes and then it gets borring and what comes after borring yes dumps

  5. Far too much cursing these days. Does not smell good at all.

  6. Max Keiser is the man! Sounding the knell for over a decade! Love it!

  7. For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Romans 6:23)
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  8. Adam Curry said 1.5million sat's per day streamed to artists. That's less than $600/day…ie almost nothing! Is the Lightning Network really working well for anything other than for ping-pong style transactions?

  9. Amway, Herbalife, Theranos, Bitcoin, NFTs, Metaverse. Projectile vomit.

  10. f u money?? right, you by btc and it will f*ck you, and then the shills will tell you to keep hodling it, when do you sell, never. if it goes to zero, remember it's not a loss till you sell it.

  11. A bank once, ( actually several times). , told me.. “ you have derogatory credit so we can’t give you a savings account. Okay, peesdoff. Fast forward a few years ago, “ we can’t accept your bosses check with your signature because you had a mark from a checking service 30 years ago that is still in the system.
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  12. Yea why ta hell yall all excited about elon fixing twitter’s
    Wtf 😳

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  24. You really amazed me sir wow 5btc in an hours I can't believe you are such real and I promise to tell the world 🌎 about the good job you just done for me thank you so much sir..

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