Nexus Conference 2017: Max Keiser vs. Peter Schiff and Bitcoin vs. Gold

NEXUS hosts Max Keiser, Peter Schiff, Stacey Herbert during the Decentralization Panel portion of the 2017 NEXUS Conference in Aspen CO.

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  1. imagine people who listen to peter schiff and not buy bitcoin back then, lol

  2. Fast Forward 3 Years: Hi, my name is Covid, I'm here to help.

    Bitcoin: I've trained my entire life for this..
    Gold: 😴 *zzzzz*

  3. There can be only one!
    Max maybe kinda, sorta won this by blood bath
    Peter lost the entire debate by stating that central banks own most of the gold so it's "a safe haven" 🙈 Bitcoin just goes right through all bank's… It doesn't need them.

  4. 2017 "no one wants to be paid in Bitcoin" – Peter Shill…
    2021 "every 2nd athlete… I want my salary in Bitcoin" – reality

  5. Schiff sounds like a business owner trying to protect his business. Even with all of the volatility, nothing comes close to bitcoins annual returns over the past decade. Schiff sounds like the captain of a ship that just hit an iceberg ripping a massive hole in the hull as he tells all the passengers on the ship, just a scratch, no need to put on the life jackets or prepare the escape boats.

  6. Remember to buy some gold with your Bitcoin riches, Peter gotta eat too.

  7. Now here we are in 2021 with Bitcoin forming support levels around $50,000 & looking bullish… And Peter is STILL spewing this 🗑️.. 🤣🤣

  8. Poor Peter . Man, was he wrong. Floating around $45k today. I would say that Max is eating Peter’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Peter is still holding on for doomsday. Peter’s advice would have cost people fortunes.

  9. Soo I watched this video a little over a year ago when Bitcoin was trading sideways in the $10,000 dollar area. (Where I started Accumulating). Bitcoin is now at $47,000 and not looking back till the end of the bull market. It'll be interesting where it's at in another year.(I'll update price then)

  10. So Schiff has steadfastly directed his clients away from the best performing asset in history for 11 years. Hmm!

  11. Max couldn't give more logical arguments and start screaming like an idiot

  12. If you don't believe Peter, you have Warren Buffet the best investor in history thinks Bitcoin is stupid.

  13. Well, Schiff, thats like your opinion dude…$ ) Wow, Max. Mayb, I hope, I can thank you one day. A larger part of the equation i now can see. Its good to go back a watch these to give perspective. Whats Peter saying now?

  14. Why not just go into gold AND bitcoin? Then we talk in 50 years (real safe-haven time frame) and see who was right?

  15. Using the internet to trace people to their wallet 🤦🏻‍♂️

  16. Peter Schiff would lick his neighbor's toes right now if he could buy BTC at $4000. That's a fact.

  17. Comparing bc to a “big brick phone” is hilarious and poor.

  18. Max should have ended with, "Sell half of your gold and buy Bitcoin, you can thank me later."

  19. I just watched Schiff's interview with Vladtv (lol), and his understanding of bitcoin appears to be on par with a normie teenage girl on twitter. He doesn't even understand that bitcoin is finite, or that it improves on the properties of gold. Everything he loves gold for is improved on dramatically with bitcoin. It's like he's just stuck in willful stubbornness. I can appreciate his thoughts about the government attempting to shut it down, possibly, but I don't think it will work long-term. The genie is out of bottle, so to speak.

  20. Max is a crypto crackhead junkie. What a BOZO. The loudest most aggressive person in the room is usually the dumb one.

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