safemoon update. new project that wants to help burn the safemoon supply
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Nothing I say is financial advice. Everything is for entertainment purposes only

Nothing i say is financial advice! everything is for entertaiment purposes only! do your own research and never invest any more than your willing to lose!

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10 gedachten over “NEW SAFEMOON BURN PROJECT!”

  1. Do you think safemoon will ever stop dumping? Im asking because we've only had 2 months of pumping and 13 months of major gigantic dumps.

  2. be careful when you see comments like "what is the best way to make money with crypto?" They are simply scammers (low-level) who write the message and then reply themselves by recommending some Brokers who are obviously scammers. When the name of the borker is too perfect and the photo on the cover looks like a manager maybe over 60 they are 100% scams

  3. Hahaha, did you really just call her safemoon Christian. She out here bringing the word of God to safemoon.

  4. The burning is great for Safemoon. The problem, the Whales. The moment Safemoon pump, Whales start to dump.
    Safemoon need a higher whales dump taxes or set a limited sell cap. We all in this to make some money. If the Whales continues to dump. We just nothing more than a bags holders.

  5. Most of The community doesn’t like that project. Way to much profit what they get trough some nfts. I still Iike those people but I wouldn’t buy it in my mind

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