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  1. Btw the "no clear monetization" thing is pure nonsense, wtf is it supposed to mean, how is ICP different in that aspect from any other chain? If anything there is potential for way more monetization schemes like paying a small fee everytime you use an API.

  2. Load of bullshit from coinbureau. They wanted to see the internet computer to be fully decentralized the first day it was lunch while they don't hold other blockchains to the same standard. The decentralization of IC is a progressive one. It will take time but there are clear plans and roadmaps for that to happen.

  3. Great video. ICP will be the number 3 crypto after btc and eth in a year or two. Might even overtake ethereum at number 2. Buying ICP now is equivalent to buying ethereum 3 years ago when the ethereum price was 95% leass than it is now. Buy and stake for 8 years and you will have a life changing income, in a few years, for life 🤜💎🤛

  4. Attention: To make it clear, the DFINITY Foundation holds 24.74% of the 8-year staked ICP/neurons (neurons with a State of Not Dissolving, and Dissolve Delay of 8 years). This equals to 5-6% of the total ICP supply. And almost 25% of total ICP supply is being staked for 8 years.

  5. Thanks a lot for the video! Which dapps are being developed on the IC that are impossible to build on other blockchains? Without considering the fact that the dapp is entirely hosted on the blockchain. I'd like to know of a certain functionality or service the dapp offers that would be possible if built on another blockchain. Maybe something using the IC capability of hosting large amounts of data?

  6. My favorite crypto and the one that will emerge into an Amazon giant is ICP. The key is to buy it at the current price. Like 1,000 of them at $16 that's $16,000. You stake them and get, minimum, 25 free ICP per month in rewards if you stake them for 8 years with no dissolve to get extra 25% bonus (just leave the $16k there for your kids). So, you get 25 free per month that's 300 per year. You save those up for even one year. At the end of the year, price will be minimum, imo, $40 ( I think $100 but say $40). You sell the 300 at $40 = $12k. You continue to get 25 per month which you save for another year and say price is $100. You sell that 300 saved for $30k and you continue getting 25x$100= $2,500 per month in income all on that $16k investment which is still there and worth $100k at that point. After 4 years, the 25 per month gets cut in half so, you get 12.5 a month now forever. If the project is as successful as I think will be, the price will be $1,000 each then and your income $12,500 per month. All on that initial $16k investment now. That's how I'm thinking anyway 👍🏻

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