New Developments In Shiba Inu Has The World Buzzing

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30 gedachten over “New Developments In Shiba Inu Has The World Buzzing”

  1. SCHD is a really good option for your passive income challenge!


  3. People with millions of shib should have sold a year ago

  4. Ask them what’s going on with shibarium. The community has been waiting on that.

  5. The wef is a bunch of criminals ran by a relative of ww2 nazi's (klaus Schaub)they are behind the so called great reset where you will own nothing and be happy, if the wef is involved it will not be good for the average man

  6. How does that even make any sense???? WEF…..DECENTRALIZE… fuckin way!!

  7. WEF are evil. They seek to enslave the 99% more so than now. Ever hear of the Rothschilds? He'll no! Stay a long way away!

  8. 🚩🚩🚩 This has trouble written all over it 🚩🚩🚩

  9. I waited and finally bought some Shiba Inu at .00000700. It'll probably drop down more in value, but I had to buy in and lower my average overall buying price.

  10. I just need shib to get price back to .000080 so I can sell to get my money back.

  11. I got like 12 million of shiba I’m just gonna hold for the long term maybe it’ll be worth something one day

  12. The WEF are evil. They want to create a one world government where the elites are in power and the poor are being controlled by them. I say NO, NO, NO.

  13. As a german, I say that the german old Klaus Martin Schwab and his global "elite" brothers should keep their hands off our work and yields. It´s not our fault that their fiat world goes down the drain and they don´t get anything done except wanting to control us. The future belongs to intelligent young innovative people. Ok, I´m old too, but as a real mother, I say to all the other old people: hands off our children!!!

  14. Malgré le ralentissement économique, je suis si heureux🥰. J'ai gagné 28 000 $ de retour sur mon investissement de 2 500 $ tous les 7 jours.

  15. This is all good information to know, thank you Kenan. May I ask why @4:45, why note “DEMOCRAT” in that manner? You didn’t mention which party Tony Blair was a part of? When any Republican (in the U.S.) does something questionable there is never any funny repetitive catch phrase like “Pelosi’s Crystal Ball?” Look your show, your rules. But I’m an independent & these are like some of the imbalances we hear from both parties in the U.S. that make us not support either.

  16. Hi Kenan, have you seen the company, it looks good, right, Cano Health company

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