My Thoughts on Fantom and DeFi’s ‘Godfather’ #crypto

Is Andre Cronje the ‘Godfather of DeFi’ or a money grubber? My take on Fantom and SpookySwap. Opinions? 💸
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  1. I call him the biggest crybaby in crypto. He's lost SO many people money. I can't believe anybody still follows/trusts him

  2. Nice thing about that guy is he warned us in one of his interviews not to invest in fantom

  3. Brah . Your worse you should do a follow up video on cypherium 😂😂😂😂. Like the one you deleted

  4. You are respected Ben but stop throwing shit at everyone man…. Andre never rugged anything and never pumped anything. Don’t shit on FTM just cuz Andre took a break from Defi….FVM is still rolling out everything is on schedule there. I agree there are better layer ones out there…

  5. Lol Ben, you know you're secretly stacking up fantom. Don't lie to people.

  6. Ok then ask yourself as to why invest in project called Fantom? Next time go invest into something called $Shady lol

  7. So he was an involved in seven scams, who else do we know that was involved in seven different scams? I guess they’re both pieces of shit, right?

  8. He's I right about a few things here. They screwed Fantom last bull. I was in FTM since under .01c. Lots of shady crap has gone down with Andre involved for sure

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