Moving BitCoin from Bitstamp to Bittrex Exchange in 2022

laatste update: 10-2022

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Moving BitCoin from Bitstamp Exchange to Bittrex Exchange

Adrian Hibbert
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  1. Thanks for the demo man. I haven't checked. How is clubcoin and capricoin performing for you? I'm a little new to the space but it seems like a bunch of people have been talking about capricoin a few months back..

  2. Hey, thank you for the video. You talked about coin scams. What do you think about IOTA coins? I think the idea behind them is great, but I also read that some people believe it is a scam scheme. So I would be interested in your opinion. Thanks 🙂

  3. what are the odds that i went to look at your tutorial on YOUR birthday… that would mean that i give you a 1 btc.. no, you would be generous and give me 1 😉

  4. You never know if you don't ask. Can I have 1 bitcoin? Think of it as helping someone who is less fortunate. What would I do with it you may ask…. Well, first I would I deposit the bitcoin into an exchange and then purchase and trade other alt-coins in an attempt to reach a level of wealth that I too would be able to just give someone a bitcoin to get them started. Like I said, you don't know if you don't ask.

  5. very smart decision to move funds from bitstamp. make sure you withdraw you money before this exchange would block your account and seize all the funds from it

  6. it is good decision to move funds from scam exchanges like bitstamp. they can easily block your account for doing nothing bad and then not unblocking it for weeks…

  7. Coinsfix ,com is my favorite place to sell bitcoins. they complete all exchanges on the same day and I get paid instantly in my bank account.

  8. watching the video in 2020, where were i back then. Good job mate!

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