Most People Don’t Know The Crash Is Coming | MAX KEISER

laatste update: 05-2022

Most People Don’t Know The Crash Is Coming | MAX KEISER
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26 gedachten over “Most People Don’t Know The Crash Is Coming | MAX KEISER”

  1. Lmao Does he actually believe the s*** coming out of his mouth especially in regards to mining does he even know of the mining pool foundry digital that is literally a corporate only pooleave a corporate only pool bitcoin will controlled by the governments and they will take it from us all

  2. I <,undeniably treasure the update on crypto we are getting from you ,for me I think this is the best time to invest since the market is at a low rate. Investors were hoping that inflation was going to come in lower than expected in the hopes that the fed wouldn’t increase the rate hikes in the coming fed meets. The main issue is core inflation is still a problem and now they are afraid that the Fed Chair could increase the rate hikes to further reduce the inflation which will drive markets even lower. Let’s just hope they stay with the 50 basis points in the next meeting. I am down slightly like most others. But I am not going to blame my coach because she won't cry for me. It's not her fault because what i lost happened to be part of my profits. It's good that i trade not this hodling thing if not, i would have been in a big mess by now like other hodlers. Just like getting beaten in a fight. You look at what went wrong, learn some new blocks, some new attacks, get in better shape, and get back into the fight. There will another day for all of us. What i'm trying to say here is that you if you haven't invested in crypto yet, now is the best time to do so. Don't just invest and seat on the fence to watch, after investing learn to trade because that's the best thing to do. Big thumbs up to Mrs Robin Moore who taught me how to trade and earn more by applying her trade signal and tips to my trade. So far i drift into trading my crypto Assets after seeing the needful to do so, i have been able to trade on weekly basis and atop 12 btc while my start up was 2.01 btc. It's advisable we trade our assets to accumulate more not this hodling thing, just in a case like this that we are in *dip*. It will enable you to stay up even when others are crying, you will have nothing to be bothered about because you portfolio is up while others are down. We all should learn from our previous mistakes and start trading. You can stretch out to Mrs. Robin on ͲeIєɠɾαm @moorerobin or What'sapp ✙12132627458 for more update on how to trade and earn with her explicit trade signal ..

  3. Last week, Warren Buffett talked in BBC news about how investors and traders can make millions through Crypto. He also recommended an expert Mrs Olivia Segal. Wondering if any viewers here are familiar with her services?

  4. Today bitcoin is below $28,000 us. This clip didn't age well? 50% loss in what 6mo%. It's funny how people think they're smarter then God 🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁

  5. <<The competition is on and every trader wants to be the best and successful but the truth is not everyone can be successful in trading. But I stand to say Crypto-currency and Stock..

  6. Starting early is the best way of getting ahead to build wealth, investing remains a priority. The stock market/crypto market has plenty of opportunities to earn a decent payout even in a downtrend, with the right skills and proper understanding of how the market works.

  7. My success story started the day I met Mr David Mark who taught me how binary options operates, at first I thought all hope is gone but I'm happy today because for the first time in my life I have been able to make several withdrawal on this investment and this can only possible with a reliable manager, Mr David Mark has helped so many traders who lost their profits and these set of traders are singing songs of praises to him, I'm glad to be among them and you too can be one

  8. We know BTC will never go to zero, but if BTC were to disappear completely, wouldn't the actual use cases for blockchain technology (other tokens) still grow and develop and change the world?

  9. No greater joy than seeing progress in an initial decision made. Thank you so much Mr David Mark ,, indeed you are a reliable account manager

  10. Max Kaiser is one of the real bitcoin-masters in the world and he is absolutely right about what he is saying to the behavior and strategy of Michael Saylor. Michael Saylor has obviously not realized yet what the real "nature" of our goverments and the cental bankers is. But I believ soon he will see it too.

  11. Love crypto, but physical gold/silver and ammo are decent tradable hedges for the Mad Max, rolling blackout scenario. It’s not one or the other.

  12. Yep,. Gold is nothing compared to btc……..unless the whole powergrid goes down for a substantial amount of time . Plus if that happens,. Ammo be the new king

  13. Man oh man you all got caught holding the bag . Hedge of inflation more like bag of air linked to delusional nasdaq. Its real money , tell that to the kid that bought fractions of filth at 68k bc people like you claim ♾️ gains . People like you are to blame for these people left holding the bag. How many times a year do you frequent china .

  14. Max is wrong. They can make it illegal to mine Bitcoin and send your as$ to jail. Then block the protocol on the internet. He has no clue what’s possible.

  15. Thirty-seven states and Puerto Rico have pending legislation regarding cryptocurrency, digital or virtual currencies and other digital assets in the 2022 legislative session.

    Indiana enacted legislation adding a new chapter to the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) that governs transactions involving controllable electronic records. South Dakota required a licensee transmitting virtual currencies shall hold like-kind virtual currencies of the same volume as that held by the licensee but that is obligated to consumers, in lieu of the permissible investments otherwise required. Wyoming amended statutory provisions regulating decentralized autonomous organizations.

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