Most EVIL Game of ALL TIME? | The Story of Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is the most well known example of a #crypto and #playtoearn game. With a meteoric rise to success in 2021, followed by a quick and violent crash, was Axie Infinity ever a good game? Or was it always a lazy cash grab?

This video has a much different tone and approach than some of my previous videos, so apologies if it’s not what you expected. As Axie Infinity is a rather simple game, I felt that it is more appropriate to explore the origins of Play to Earn as a whole, and give a history of the rise and fall of the most popular crypto game all time.

Axie Infinity, and Play to Earn in general, is really nothing more than a cleverly disguised Ponzi scheme, meant to take advantage of one of the most powerful human emotions, greed. The developers had an amazing opportunity to use their insane success to create an amazing and well-polished game to onboard the world to crypto gaming, but instead, squandered their earnings and placed focus on advertising the game as a means for financial freedom.

Today, Axie Infinity has scrubbed all mentions of Play to Earn from their website, and instead, focuses more on being a video game where you own your assets. Of course, hardly anyone is really interested in that, since why would anyone care about owning assets in a game that is no higher quality than a generic App Store game.

Axie Infinity will go down in history as one of the most important players in the world of Web3, and serves as a perfect example of how the blockchain adds nothing to the game besides enabling it to be a Ponzi scheme.

Thanks for watching my gameplay and review of Axie Infinity!


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  1. I feel you could've taken apart the game mechanics apart a bit more on this one. Sure, there isn't much there anyway, but just saying it's boring and non-stop complaining without going into details and taking it apart isn't very interesting either.

    Other than that, great video.

  2. I love your story arc throughout your videos. Started out as neutral, trying to give every game a fair try, but after spending time dealing with crypto bullshit you took the only humanly possible option of bashing it as much as possible. 5/5 stars for relatability.

  3. Learning how to earn in team fortress 2 is a lot more fun then axie is game play

  4. Love your videos! Looking forward to the next garbage game you have to suffer through so we don't have to.

  5. I'm so happy i doscivered this channel early 😀
    Great work.
    I agree with everything you say… even though I am a game dev.. and in crypto. and in web3 game development. the market right now is a joke.

  6. I earn at Buy and Sell Axie., I Buy $2, then Sell to $3…….

  7. If you have so many thousand dollars to throw away that is on you for being stupid.

  8. Perfect description of Ponzi infinity. Good work. Viewers not in the axie economy, don't waste your money…

  9. I loved this video. Please don't cover defikingdoms until PVP comes out q2 2023. Thank you for covering axie because I was always curious about this game before I understood tokenomics and the ponzi growth dependency of this game. Now I don't have to play it. Whenever I consider new crypto projects, I now ask myself what you would say about it in a video. I love your perspective. Please don't cover DFK until PVP is released.

  10. someone needs to be playing this crypto games and reviewing them. subscribed. good work on these.

  11. Biggest joke of a video with littered with errors and mischaracterizations. This video shows you legit have no idea and make small changes everywhere to make the game look bad.
    Ex. You imply that Sky Mavis should buy back the axies but unless you started 4 years ago, any axie you bought was from another player, but you expect Sky Mavis to buy it back?
    Ex 2. You said Sky Mavis takes 5.25%, that is a gross error. The 5.25% goes to the treasury thats owned by the AXS holders, it has nothing to do with Sky Mavis besides they get paid a portion of the AXS to make game sometimes

  12. I was in Axie for about 4 or 5 months as a breeder… in the biggest month I earned 50k in less than 30 days. I was breeding up to 180 axies every 5 days… I then made the mistake of holding one of my last breed waves until the start of the next season… the axies held lost 30-50% of their value! but i liquidated it and was still highly up… I then left it staked in AXS which had some great staking rewards… I was so naïve! I bought in at about $120 per AXS and sold all my AXS (with 100% or so APR) for about 45k total… about 60-$70 each and dove into pegaxy… that was a fun project… XD

  13. Great video essay ! Really sums up the axie situation

  14. I spent over a 1k to buy 4 axies, and they weren't that good, Now they barely would sell for 20 dollars for each one 😭😭😭, and as you said I bought some more since they are low price now, hoping they would go up once again 😅, maybe I should dumb the game as you're saying, but there is always something pulling me back to it 😮‍💨. I feel I'm cursed.

  15. >employees are required to send nude photos
    >Developing country

    I don't like where that it's going.

  16. Thanks very much for this, it really satisfied my curiosity about this much hyped game. How tedious – just play Slay the Spire and have fun. Thanks for this high quality video.

  17. At some point, one of your videos is going to go viral and your channel will blow up. This is pretty high quality work.

  18. Wow, this Video Explains Everything about Axie Infinity, I'm an Axie investor obviously because of my Axie Avatar 😂
    I also love creators that making debunk about Axie, it makes me Conservative 🥰
    You Deserve a Sub ❤️

  19. The real technical problem this game had was there was no mechanic where the unlimited token was supposed to make it scarce, also, most of the big guilds in this game were part of that problem by monetizing the game making too many people play the game for them via account piloting aka account sharing was possible due to two types of passwords without compensating the owner, the owner has a private password and the pilots aka axie scholars were given temporary passwords until they wanted to leave. The big guilds were crashing the economy it had by literally drying the system outward where the supply of the thing called SLP was too much that the price went down, the usage of slp back then even today is still used for breeding these monsters. I could say its a very different approach to what people say about it now since it has some different mechanics compared to that other steam game where everything is static, effects wise it has more visual effects than slay the spire. Would be nice if there was another game where you could breed a deck, similar to axie where you also play with 3 creatures. It cost me zero fiat, I got in early when I had the chance to play it for free, since I was an axie scholar. The only regret I had was I never cashed out, but it feels fine since I spent no money in it.

  20. A lot of axie scholars were uninformed that over supply of the unlimited token was inevitable.

  21. I had to say this, if this was a pyramid scheme they should've forced me to pay real money. People should've treated this as a game and gold miners really dry out economies, whether it be a traditional online game, or not. They also should've treated this as a pay to win game rather than anything else.

  22. This is incredible. Found you from penguinz0 talking about this game, so I did a quick search and found you. Awesome video!

  23. Filipino here, really good coverage of the game. I was somewhat affected by the whole craze and fallout during and after Axie's peak here as well. My uncle invested a lot of money in getting his own Axies and provided scholarships to his close friends and me and my brother. I had to tap out after just a week of doing it despite the "easy free money" at the time because it really was a mind numbing experience. I heard horror stories from local social media here of entire families working practically 24/7 on rotation just to keep up on quotas, and those desperately clinging onto the game even as the bubble was bursting.

    Other than the whole thing coming crashing down real quick, my uncle also got his Axies stolen due to him using some shady plugin to check the strongest Axies. Feel bad for my uncle and he lost a huge chunk of his lifesavings from this. And I know a lot of other people here who directly invested in it may have gotten similar bad experiences or even worse.

    I haven't kept up with Axie lately but with the way Axie Origins looked from your gameplay here, that one looks hilariously more polished, which should confirm the idea of how much the original is so much worse already. It's good to be able to cover not only the technicalities and ethics of these NFT games, but how awful they are too as games themselves, which is something I felt missing whenever other channels try to touch upon the topic of Axie Infinity.

    Really glad I came across this channel, and honestly hope these NFT games never take off.

  24. already roi on this game all of the coins now are down compared back in 2021

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