Monero (XMR) | The Top Privacy Cryptocurrency? Fundamental Analysis with SWOT review

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15 gedachten over “Monero (XMR) | The Top Privacy Cryptocurrency? Fundamental Analysis with SWOT review”

  1. Google, Twitter, Facebook forbade advertizing of cryptocurrencies! This is very bad! Only Telegram resolves and will never forbid it! I advise to participate in their ICO while the going is good tokentelegram. net

  2. Great video mate – could you do a review on NCash? Newly listed on Coinspot

  3. Exchanges are following AUSTRAC in order to prevent money laundering. Hence, can Monero still be a private coin? Thanks Beau! great video!

  4. Beau, I love your SWOT reviews and have never missed one.

    Some info that you might find useful:
    In addition to this channel, I follow 3 other crypto youtubers. Over the last ~4 months, all 4 channels have started doing Daily updates / Weekly updates / News etc.
    I feel like the 'update/news' space in crypto has been saturated with content, with a lot of overlapping content. I can't / don't want to watch all 4 channels regarding updates, which share a lot of similar topics. As a result, I kind of cherry pick videos from all 4 channels that sound interesting, a bit different.

    Not sure if this is of any relevance to you, but thought it might be worth mentioning, as I imagine I'm not the only person in this situation.

  5. I really enjoy your videos Beau. My only quibble is can you please pause between some of the information. You know what you are saying but the information is shooting at my so fast.

  6. Nice one beau… Seen a few people talking up cloak coin.. Any thoughts on that one.? AnywY, good on u.. Short, succinct and to the point…

  7. Look into zencash imo it will be the go to privacy platform admittedly it's not been around as long as monero, and doesn't have the markets of monero, but it will have loads of features including e2ee messaging, publishing platform and loads of other, get it while it's cheap oh nearly forgot only 42zen for a secure node


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