Monero XMR Switching Algorithm?? NO MORE WEB MINING – RandomX

So I recently heard about the upcoming Monero fork to the RandomX algorithm. While reading up on the RandomX GitHub, I noticed that there will be no support for web mining, which is a neat way for website owners to monetize their site and content. Since there will be no more web mining XMR, webmasters will need to find other web-mineable alternatives. Thankfully, there are multiple options out there. In this video, I briefly mention CoinIMP which is a useful service that uses website viewers’ CPU to mine cryptocurrency. They have support for Monero, but once Monero switches algorithms, users will need to mine for CoinIMP’s custom currency, Webchain.

Sign up for CoinIMP and start earning cryptocurrency using your website!

You can also try using the JSECoin platform which also mines using CPU power, albeit for less profit. They also give the viewer the option to opt out of mining.


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3 gedachten over “Monero XMR Switching Algorithm?? NO MORE WEB MINING – RandomX”

  1. If you use webmining on your site, you deserve to get DDOSed.

  2. If you are looking for the best software to mine RandomX algorithm based coin then I think Check out best mining software XMR-STAK-RX which is now freely available to mine all RandomX coins like Loki, monero, Arqma, etc.

  3. Time to create a better bot miner.. Any cpu can still mine randomX just slowly armlogic S905x ARM quad core gets 7h/s.. Not much but if you infect millions of phones you can dominate..

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