Monerica – The ‘Yellow Pages’ Of The Monero Economy

In this video I explore some of the many businesses that accept Monero (XMR) for their goods and services that are listed on

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30 gedachten over “Monerica – The ‘Yellow Pages’ Of The Monero Economy”

  1. of course the Swedish sell wood furniture with Monero! hahaha

  2. BREAKING: Local Cryptobro Shills Favorite Shitcoin; Suffocates in Tragic "Digital Deepthroating" Accident

  3. Crypto is done for, too many scams. If people had actually made smart contracts and shit that actually did things like home deeds only, it would have had a chance

    It’s just a high tech casino forever now

  4. Can quantum computing crack monero? Google is close to making effective qbit processors

  5. does anybody have a clue on how to make your own email server

  6. the new pc im gonna make will for sure be mining monero, this one i have right now is just not good enough.

  7. bro knows what he's doing with the thumbnails and honestly it's hilarious, and I'm here for it

  8. I am still not sure how secure/private the transactions are. Say I just created a Monero Wallet and my friend sends me 10$. Then I buy an online service with it or cash out to paypal. Could it be traced at any point that my friend sent me 10$ in monero to that address? And If I mined some monero to my wallet on my Laptop and then cash out to paypal, could it be traced in any way that the currency came from mining on my laptop?

  9. This was pretty helfpul. I accept monero for things but haven't paid attention to the community in so long, I didn't realize how developed it had become!

  10. 15:29 Hard to tell because the directory is hard to read and I have low bandwith but I think I recognize those those two in the photo from a cult called Ultimate Lover Twinflame. I must emphasize I could be wrong. I know them personally from playing an MMO with them in my guild. I am not surprised they would take crypto of some description.
    25:12 Destination Freedom with their Freedom Consultations. They're SovCits. I went to their page. I immediately saw SovCit talking points. Oh, and I wouldn't trust their Bible interpretations either. They offer that.

  11. The Ford purchase with MONERO is in a European country. ( Right side steering )

  12. Got a new phone and made a new youtube account and forgot to follow you on it. I used to binge your content regularly! Now i have a few months of your content to binge and catch up on. Hope all is well bro!

  13. Damn, I had no idea there was so much I could do in my own home country of Sweden with Monero!

  14. More of this topic, please! Would love more explorations

  15. What happened to the monerokang Luke Smith? do you have any news? thanks

  16. @Mental Outlaw, the comparison chart at 1:25, what is the source, and can I use the same?

  17. I just want to sell stuff and get crypto for it. Any marketplaces that allow that?

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