Michael Burry: Here’s Why Cathie Wood Should be Terrified in 2022

laatste update: 09-2022

Michael Burry has warned Cathie Wood for months that she would see a downturn in her stocks, but we may have only seen the beginning.

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Michael Burry is famous for his short predicting the subprime mortgage crash in the 200s and for kickstarting the Gamestop stock’s rise in 2019. He also correctly called the dot com bubble of the early 2000s. But now he is calling out high growth tech stocks such as those owned by celebrity investor Cathie Wood, saying stocks such as Tesla could decline 80-90% from where they currently sit.
Cathie Wood meanwhile thinks we are in a period of unparalleled innovation and progress that is creating explosive growth the likes of which we’ve never seen before. This video analyses each of the investors’ different predictions, comparing how successful they’ve been over the last few years, as well as what their predictions mean for investors like you and me,.

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30 gedachten over “Michael Burry: Here’s Why Cathie Wood Should be Terrified in 2022”

  1. Burry would have been right more often if the fed didn't pump so much money to prop up the economy

  2. michael burry has made plenty of failed predictions, why can't finance youtubers do research?

  3. At the end of the day, paying 40x sales for any company is completely ridiculous. Cryptos value is mostly just whatever the next person will pay for any given token. And investing in companies that produce earnings, earnings growth and dividends will ultimately hold up the best during all phases of the market cycle.

  4. I guess everyone is loading up on the bear train. Good luck. Just go back a few months and watch the bullish videos just 6-12 months ago.

  5. Tesla is a car company valued higher than the 5 top car companies combined. Yet them five companies sell over 15 times the number of cars to Tesla it makes no sense.

  6. "u need to be right just once!"

    MJB was right only once in 2008……he was way too big right!

  7. Burry is a value investor. And most of the bullish investors want to pump up the stocks even if there is no value .

  8. You want to turn a large fortune into a smal fortune?
    Invest with Cathie Wood!

  9. I'm pretty sure Cathie is wrong. Tesla will fall just like payal.

  10. Don't take stock advice from people who believe their dreams deliver profound actionable messages from a magical sky daddy.

  11. If Tesla's stocks would reflect real value every car should be worth 1,5 million Dollars.

  12. Burry Actually pops the hood on these companies, Like tesla for example its still an overvalued company.

  13. Cathie Wood is the Ryan Jacob (Internet Fund) of the 2020's.

  14. Price went up because of a squeeze on commodities, not because there's loose money in the economy. That's why it's not inflation. Prices rising does not mean inflation.

  15. Cathie Wood is nutty about Tesla. How does she rationalize the idea of a debt-addled public with no savings buying $100,000 cars?

  16. Cathie Wood investment strategy-
    "It was once 50$ now it is down to 38$ so it will surely come back to 50$.Looks pretty good investment to me"
    CeLebRitY iNveStOr

  17. The 'Big Boys' saved Tesla's stock price by getting it into the S&P 500 just in time ahead of the major manufacturers bring their EVs to market thus forcing the funds to acquire inflated priced Tesla stock. Tesla can be considered the original MEME stock.

  18. russia's war might see serious inflows into the US…..food and debt causing instability around the globe…USD most stable likely next to the Euro

  19. Today, Nasdak is is -27%, tesla -44%, dow -15%, SP500 -19%, inflation 8,3%. i will trust a genius like Buryy not a stupid whicth like wood that mislead ifnorant peoples to lose their savings and money.

  20. Cathie wood= Elizabeth Holmes = Abby Joseph Cohen. Shysters all.

    Stick with Lyn Alden🤣

  21. Anybody who followed kathie woods advice Lost in the easiest market ever 🤣😂

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